Recognizing imaging

Ok, I have been trying to wild for a while now and I have a few questions.

  1. When trying to recognize hypnagonic imaging do you try to look forward or just relax your eyes and let it come?

  2. Last night I was awake and I felt a sudden blackness come over my eyes, is this a step in WILDing?

I certainly don’t try to make anything happen; I just relax and wait for my body to either enter SP or for HI to become a dream scene. If I were to try and force it I would stay to awake and amped up to ever get to sleep; its very much a passive observation for me.

Trying to forcefully recognize a HI will just keep your body awake even if you have no intentions of waking up. Like Lucidity_Master says it’s the best to remain passive during the initial stage of the HI.

How to recognize? Well, that’s a bit hard to describe i think becuse the HI experiences varies from person to person.
To me it occurs when my mind’s drifting away from the WILD atempt and i start to get a more clear “image” but of something completly unrelated to the WILD atempt. Way too often i recognize this event and forces my mind to stay “on course” whit the WILD atempt and therefore breaks the HI stage.

  • Tywald

You should just wait for the HI to come. Don’t pay attention to your body. You have no body. When (WHEN) the HI comes, pay attention to it, but in a “Oh look, there’s my HI” sort of way.