recommendation for a Quest- having an NDE while LDing!


I´ve been into lucid dreaming for quite a while now, albeit ´ve never managed to become a professional lucid dreamer who can have lucid dreams at will (lack of disclipline )

Fortunetley, I had at least one lucid dream per night a weak ago and I´ll hope this will continue.

After just focussing on just the hedonistic sides of LDing, I now find it quite boring. So I asked myself: May it be possible to trigger an NDE in lucid dreams or at least aspects of it? The answer is: YES!

I got that idea when I was readin a few “hellish” NDE´s.
The person- maybe trying to commit suicide- is caught in this dark, god-absent place suffering fear and pain. Then he calls out for the light and it appears! I thought that this must work for LD´s, too.

However, I´ll tell of my experiments so far. In two cases it worked, most exactly the same two times, even if there wasn´t a full blown NDE.

I wished there were the famous tunnel- and there it was, but more like a cheap version of it :happy:

Then I had the sensation of floating out of my body towards the tunnel. I was very euphoric because i thought something big would happen. The tunnel “pulled” me somehow into it (the light was rather green than white).
What happened wasn´t an NDE but a quite tremendous experience in a strange world which seemed very real (nearly all lucid dreams seem “real” in ways of smelling, touching, taste and so on), but real in a way i thought the people there were not my imagination. I think of Mark Horton´s dreams he had after the NDE in coma.
Of course the barrier between afterlfe and waking life is an illusion, but a very persistent one- in everyday waking consciousness. In dreams I overall have the impression to be more connected to “the ONE”.
Well, I had a synchronicity short after. Luckliy in my library they had a copy of Stephen Laberge´s “Hellwach im Traum” (don´t know the original title) he tried the exact same thing- and succeeded- more than me (report of overwhelming love, connectedness…)

I think, for the people here who are professional lucid dreamers this must be an easy one. I must confess that i have little to no control over the environment in my LD´s so it´s quite surprisingly that it worked out for me so well.

I´ll bet the more versed dreamers here are able to achieve a full blown near death experience that is quite like the one´s reported by people who were really near death. :smile:

Now i hope some people here want to participate in this experiment.

I indeed will keep you reported and are lookin for to have an experience that is more “near death”.



Sometimes its a question of belief.For example for me any dream, and especially ld is such experiecnce as i believe this is what we get after we`ve done with present life.


I do need to try these things more…

What I can share is an “alcohol induced lucid dream” not that I advocate drinking… I find less legal and more herbal drugs a far safer choice… but don’t recommend them either…

But I had 3 beers one day… went to bed… didn’t sleep well… then it was time for my REM rebound and I KNEW I was about to have a REM rebound… so I breathed into my solar plexus and sort of counted myself directly into a conscious lucid dream… crazy odd things started to happen and I sort of “floated” in the dream to retreat to my heart chakra…FLUMP… I fell to the floor in my apartment, but I was on the floor near the couch while feeling my real body on my bed.

I sunk and merged with the floor and everything was very dark and disturbing.

I then got back into my body and focused on the solar plexus only to be overwhelmed with heat (really truely overwhelmed) so I tried to bring awareness to the throat, which was completely closed off and made me feel like I was choking.

So I kind of… just forced myself awake.

But oh if I had stayed and explored… I think the heart chakra had brought me TO PHYSICAL REALITY… it really sure did seem real.

and here’s the tie in… I tried to do the heart thing again, got the exact same results (this being like 2 weeks after it happened) but the results were FAKE and I clearly knew it.

I think you really have to have the right chakras flowing and a decent chi flow… I think there’s a big distinction between normal REM and NDE like states which probably involve the releasing of large amounts of DMT in the brain…

So to me the alcohol induced lucid dreams (not that I have them much, maybe I’ve had 2 in the past year?) seem to really induce the wackiest lucid results… but normal LDs seem much more in a mental playground, in your own head, not so entirely real.

BUT they must… even in the normalest of REMs, have some sort of bridgeway to states of “altered consciousness” where things seem or ARE more real and profound?

Hmmm… good questions… little to no answers…

Terence Mckenna stated that once you have done DMT you can reproduce the experience in your dreams anytime you like.
Concerning this notion I´ve posted this thread also on the NDE Board thinkin that this also must be the case for people who have had an Near Death Experience and want to have one again :tongue:

I agree that LD´s are more like a mental playground (nice! :smile: ) or virtual reality but I think the dream state is very similar to what the hereafter might look like (Waking Life!).

So i hope there´s a path for the avarage lucid dreamer.

So, let´s roll! :cool_laugh: