Recommended Books on the subject of Lucid Dreaming?

I’ve recently started reading, and seeing as I’ve been interested in the subject of Lucid Dreaming for a very long time now, and have been keeping my own DJ on this very site, I wanted to read a book on Lucid Dreaming. One which would increase my ability to Lucid Dream, as I have only ever had a few.

Any recommendations?

Well, the obvious one would be Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge.

LaBerge actually released that one and his dream class for free, if you search for it. If you need help, feel free to PM me.

I highly recommend Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self. That book transformed how I approached lucid dreaming so much, that I say it’s the perfect beginner book. It contains all of half of a technique in going lucid (the Carlos Castenada’s “look at your hands” technique) and focuses on what can be done in the dream world, why we even want to go there, and whether or not it is important.

I feel this book should be read first, just because of how it shapes your dreaming goals better than say reading a how to book.

I also really liked Advanced Lucid Dreaming that dealt with using supplements to induce vivid dreams. I have had only one success with that book by Thomas Yuschek, but when I follow his regimen, my dreams are so much more vivid.

I’ve been reading the “Exploring the world of lucid dreaming” book recently and im really enjoying it. I have been wondering what the best book for complete beginners would be? Something that explains LD in a comprehensive way, while going into all of the methods on how to do it. Does anyone have a suggestions for that?

I’m asking because I’m just starting to teach inmates how to LD and I’m looking for a book that I can recommend them to read. One that has everything about LD in it. A one and done book if that even exists. It does seem like “exploring the world of LD” is what I’d go with now, but if someone else has a better suggestion then I’d love to hear it!