Recording OBE's

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now… But im wondering if anyone can help me out with Participation really…

Im going to set up my Webcam to take snap shots or Video of myself sleeping. In hopes of capturing any differences in the surroundings or myself sleeping…

Im not sure if its possible to detect anything different with the person or their surroundings but I still would love to try and see if i get any results.

If anyone would like to join me on this little experiment please let me know what you have found.

I’ve done this using a similar method. Using Vidcap32 I grab 1 frame every minute and then play it back at 25 frames per second to make an animated time lapse video. I also setup a clock in the frame to record time. 8 hours sleep goes by in 16 seconds roughly when watching the video.

All I can say is I’m a very restless sleeper!

I dont know how much such a toys cost but i guess it would be good to link the camera with some of those
-movement detector
-electric field detector
-magnetic field detector
last two apply most to such phenomenons
good luck:)

Oh… movement detector is an excellent idea so it only capture when you are MOVING because that would be boring to watch the entire video of you sleeping very still. Hehe.

Yup, electric and magnetic field detectors are famous to detect phenomenons such as ghosts. It’d be interesting to experience with, but I personally think electric/magnetic field detector is expensive. :shrug:

Maybe I can experiment with it someday, but I’m not too sure. Any type of camcorders always make me nervous; therefore, I might be unable to fall asleep. That would be something that I won’t like. Hehe.

Good luck! :cool:

movement detector is easy solved… There is freeware capture programs that has movement detector :smile: All you need is a video camera/web camera hooked up to the pc running a video capture program that has movement detector

Idea of movement detector isnt to make the movie shorter to watch,fact i didnt explain it:)
It is just in case thing when the camera picture isnt that sharp as it should be to “see a ghost” so i thought with sensitive movement detector it would be like increasing the chances:)

ahh i see… that is totally different yeah :smile:

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, gotcha! I thought it was other way… maybe we can use both. :shrug: One night… high senstive motion detector and other night… low-senstive motion detector. Experiment with it and see what happens. Just an idea.

You must like watching those high senstive motions girl:)

" camcorders always make me nervous" -Try wearing some clothes:)

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
You’re so hilarious… I think I’ll die from laughing too hard. :content:
I always wear clothes when I go to bed. :wink: I just don’t like camcorder or anything in this case to stare at me when I go to sleep…
otherwise I’m still awake. :eek:

I used to watch my sister sleeping. I was very curious of the REM. I’d watch, take notes, record length of REM, record time between each REM, poke her, whisper things into her ears, then ask her what she dreamed of.

Sometims she would wake up while I was staring at her :look:  and would get very annoyed  :angry: 

But, hey what could I say, sometimes my dream experiments couldn’t be done when I was the one sleeping.

A very good idea… I would love to hear if you have any success!!

Only one thing I can add, try using a digital camera (one that records onto a digital media, miniDV usually). Many people catch orbs on digital which cannot usually be caught on analoque recorders.

One other thing, I think 1 frame per minute is to long… if your etheric body was to depart it may be out and away a second or two. You could easily miss it with one frame per minute.

Ideally if you could attach electrons to you and have the sensors pick up on REM and start the camera. This way you dont need to have 7 hours of footage to look through. Dont ask how to do this, i have no idea… but im sure if your serious this information and equipment can be bought.

Best of luck