Recreating past events (in LDs)?

Something I was wondering about this morning…

Has anyone tried (consciously tried) to go back to a past time, place or event (that is, from your own experience/ life, as opposed to some historic event) in a lucid dream? If so, how did it go?

How possible is it/ would it be to recapture (in our dreams) the sense/ feel of a particular time or place and relive it? I keep dreaming about a flat I used to live in, these aren’t in any sense lucid or ‘aware’ dreams but it occued to me it would be interesting (maybe even useful, in some sort of way) to be able to go back with awareness to previous times or places, either to work through events or situations, or simply to experience them again.

Anyone got any thoughts? (Sorry if this has been discussed before …) :eh:

There was a quest called “Uncovering lost memmories” wich was about recovering memmories adns tuffs. You can check it out in he lucid adventure forum.

Okay thanks. :smile:

It was memory I was wondering about I guess, how much do we subconsciously memorise (details of places or events, people etc), without even realising it?

If I could LD well enough to ‘send’ myself back to a particular place and time (my old flat, summer 2002, whatever) how accurately would I be able to recreate this? Would I be able to dream details I’d subsequently forgotten about with waking memory, etc?

Anyway I’ll check out the Uncovering Memories topic now…

once ive got this whole lucid thing down (and it is going to happen!) one of my intentions is to recreate certain experiences from my past and act it out the way i would have liked it to go. i mean things like, times where i shouldve stuck up for myself more, ive never been good at communication on the spot.

i also have a desire to go back to the house i grew up in and see how detailed my mind remembers it. i wonder if the flowers on the wallpaper will be exactly as they were, or slightly altered.

I’ve had this happen in normal dreams where I have revisited past events and done different things.

If it is possible in a normal dream, then it should deffinately be possible in a lucid dream. How it would feel is an interesting question, in the NDs it feels just like it did at the time as it often is in dreams, but being a LD it may feel more staged than natural.

I had one experience which could be possibly considered as recovering very old memories. In a LD, I tried to met my “anima” (a jungian psychology archetype) yet I was propelled in a very curious dream which was probably early childhood memories. This very dream can’t be verified but I’m quite sure that it’s possible to recover old memories.