Recurring DCs

Does anyone have any dream characters that they are familiar with?

(Have you ever done something social with a dream “friend”? Had a coffee or something?)

I have only a few recuring DCs and they are GFs from when I was younger. My roomates and friends from Boston College are also recurring DCs.

My recurring DCs usually lead to an LD, so keep an eye out for them :smile:

In my latest LD, I told one of mine best friends that this was a part of mine mind. Her reaction was very unexpected since “Ah, I see.” didn’t match with the normal “What are you talking about” I usuly get.

After that she just followed me around in the dream and well, It was nice knowing that I had a friend inside the dream that knew about my condition. :smile:

Most of my recurring DCs are friends from irl. Too bad I haven’t used them yet to trigger LD…
Quite a while ago there was someone on this forum who had created himself a whole dream world with lots of selfmade DCs. He could dream every night of that place and had lots of adventures with those DCs. Most of his DCs developped complex personalities. I don’t know if it’s related to your question, but he had some fantastic stories to tell. His name was Zaerus I think…
As I think about it, there was another one who’d learned to master this level of dream control… but I forgot about his name :confused: :help:

Lots of my ND’s are of me with the girls I knew at school often taking place there or I meet them somewhere else, happier times :sigh:

The only recurring DCs i see in my dreams are shcool partners…

For the last six months, I’ve had repeated dreams about a certain man. (A player on the local football team) I don’t know him personally. Sometimes I will dream about this guy three to four times a week! This is getting really awkward when I see him IRL. How do I get rid of this dream? I dream about this guy being in my class at school, visiting my family or hanging out where I work. I just can’t see why my subconsciuos (sp?) picks this guy almost every night. Maybe I should use him as a dream sign. :smile:

(Yes I know this has been posted before)

To get rid of him I would just stop thinking about him IRL… lol

If you are lucid you could look for him and tell him to stop bothering you.

In my normal dreams I often have DC that appear on a regular basis. They are often family, friends and actors from my favorite TV shows. There are also times when a reoccurring DC would appear but, not playing the right role. Like an actor or actress might appear but they would be friends of mine and not playing there role in the TV show or movie. And some times even their personality would be different then they portray on the screen.


I can sympathize with you. I seldom become lucid because of a dream sign. I think it is more an awareness of the dream state than anything else that triggers a DILD for me.

True, but in my case for instance, I could use those friends of mine to increase my awareness of the dream everytime I meet them there (by doing RCs everytime I meet them irl). That’s why dream signs might really help. They’re recurring dream objects/persons/situations which can be used as a tool to stimulate an increase of awareness. But this may only work if you practice to recognize dreamsigns as such.

Good luck with your dreaming! :smile:


One of my reoccuring DC’s in my NDs the most popular girl in school. Almost every guy is attracted to her. I had a few dreams where she and I had to do language projects or were partners for a game and she really annoyed me and complained alot. Ever since I have had those couple of dreams I dont find myself attracted to her anymore.


Yes, that sounds like it might be a good technique for you to use.

I usually practice WILD but, I often find myself in a position where I just know it is a dream. I have only become lucid because of dream signs a few times so it does not work well enough to be a good technique for me. It sounds like it would be great for you though.

I have one often reoccuring DC, named Danny. He’s a great dreamsign :smile: Though it’s annoying when he laughs at me for not realizing it has to be a dream, even when he points out clues for me :wink: Ah well, have to train myself on that more! At least he’s giving me clues.

About the only social things I’ve done with Danny were a water beam fight on a beach and just hanging out talking a few times. I never thought about it before, but it would be rather interesting to just arrange a dream party with some of my favorite DCs :smile:


luck and love-


I once had a DC try an talk me out of a LD. She kept telling me that I was not dreaming when I knew I was. She had to go bye bye :devil: then, I continued with my LD.

Dreams are strange.

Yes, I see them every once in a while

Heya Dreamwalker , you got a lot of experince in this feild, you could add heaps.

My dc taht i see a lot, well lets just say that it is usally very very good :content: :wink:

but there have been a few that have helped me witha lot of things, dream teachers, just to be there as friends etc its gr8

Heya Timeless,

Don’t forget you got alot of experience in this too.
I like your sig. I have done that but in RL haha

I would have to say one of my most important is my SG. He has taught me so much.