recurring dream on being late when catching a train/plane

These years, I am seeing a dream about me finding out that I don’t have much time for catching a specific train or aeroplane. In some cases, I’ve even lost the ticket but still remember the date & time. In all times, I am running, even if there is no hope/time. (Some thing like this happened in my real life)

sounds like repeative dream, which i had too when i was youngin, but they were mostly nightmares, i was running on grid or something (felts the grid below my feets, and it hurted) and i was running away from something… but it went away by itself… but you could try to turn that dream into gateway to lucid since its repeative…

Everyone has reocurring dreams and nightmares. Having it happen to you in RL was probably a large contributer to the dream.

Like RD said, these dreams can go away by themselves (usually do). If you wish though, you can get rid of 'em faster with LD’ing.

hmm. i think the most ive had of repetitive dreams is one dream twice. with a half year between them. i guess i have so many problems that my dreams have yet to go through the whole list, making reoccurring dreams pretty rare for me :tongue:

still, reoccurring dreams are good for inducing lds. use them to your advantage, and once you get a ld from them, stop and take charge of the dream, and learn what it is the dream means.

I have these dreams all the time. I am late for school, planes, buses, ferrys, conserts… Anything important.
I realised this was a dream sign for me, as I’m almost never late for anything.
The problem is, once I asked myself if it was a dream, but I reckoned it wasn’t.

I think that this fear of being late comes from my childhood. My mother is always late, and when I was a child this resulted in me always being late for birthday parties etc. Freud would probably smile right now.

Thanx for your comments guys, no I don’t want to stop seeing this type of dreams, I am just trying to understand the reason why I am seeing them at a particular time. I have to check out all the things that I am afraid of being late. Could it have a metaphorical meaning? will see…

according to this i guess i am nobody :bored: i at least cant remeber any and i think i would remeber if it would happen, ive kind of wondered what it must be like.