Recurring dream or false memory?

I had a really weird ND last night ( I still haven’t had a LD ) and while I was in the dream and when I first awoke to write it down, I had the feeling that this was a dream that I’ve had many times but after I was awake a little longer I couldn’t recall whether I really ever had this dream before or not. How do I tell if this was a false memory or not? Are there recurring dreams that we can only remember having had while we’re having that same type of dream again? Or is there no way to know for sure? :confused:

BTW, my dreams are getting weirder and I think they’re subtly or not-so-subtly trying to tell me to notice that I’m dreaming, I’m just not crossing over to lucidity yet. The weird dream last night is almost indescribable…I was actually feeling somewhat uncomfortable in it, like I knew what was going to happen before it did, over and over and over, almost like my dream self knew I was dreaming but the real me didn’t, if that makes any sense. I don’t know why I felt so uncomfortable, I guess if I had become lucid I would’ve been elated instead of freaked out. I can’t even really describe any more than that…before I awoke I thought I’d be able to write down more descriptions than that but it was too weird and I kind of lost it and couldn’t really put it into words anyway.

Another dream I had that I think means they’re getting more toward trying to tell me I’m dreaming is that my ex-husband was living with me and my boyfriend in my dream the other night, now there is no WAY that would freaking happen IRL, so I should’ve known I was dreaming! :content:

I see that nobody has replied to this topic and now I have had yet another instance like this. The other night I dreamed that I was awake and remembered a whole bunch of former dreams and started writing them down but then I awoke and couldn’t remember any of them but I had such a strong feeling in my dream that they were dreams I’d actually had before, but it’s like I could only tap into those memories while dreaming…it’s so hard to tell if it’s really real or a false memory but I swear it felt so real this time…still not lucid but feel that dream got me a step closer. Anyone have any stories to share regarding this subject? Thanks.

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Yes, I think I’ve had similar dreams.

I sometimes dream that I notice something from a previous dream, for example:
I once dreamt that I noticed a lego block in the floor, and in that dream I thought “oh, I remember placing that block there last night in a previous dream”
Upon awakening, I can’t tell if this was a false memory created by the current dream … or if I had indeed had a dream the night before about placing that lego block there! :tongue:

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