Recurring dream

I have had a recurring dream for the past 16 years. Sometimes I will have it once a week, sometimes I won’t have it for months. The dream is very open ended but is exactly the same everytime. I’ve never been able to sustain lucidity in this dream. Any ideas/suggestions/stories?

This dream may be the subconsious trying to tell you something important. I am not into dream interpretation at all… (and happy for that :smile: ) but maybe you should post it here so some of the wise ol’ guys on this forum could comment to it?

When you say ‘sustained’, do you mean that you became lucid in that dream but couldn’t stay lucid? Otherwise this sounds like the perfect dream to become lucid in by way of MILD. Go over that dream again and again, but this time imagine becoming lucid; what would you do? Do this every night as before you go to sleep. If you do this, the next time you have this dream, you will become lucid. :smile: