Recurring dreams

I’m curious. Have you had them? What are they like? Just how similar to each other are they? Do they really follow the same pattern in what happens?

I ask this because I keep hearing about this phenomenon and I can’t remember ever having a recurring dream – and I have pretty good dream recall. Of course some recurring elements pop up every now and then, like places from the town I grew up in, or characters from my favorite television series, but always in different combinations, forming unique situations and stories. So no, I can’t remember ever having anything that could be classified as a proper recurring dream. I wonder why that is.

When I was younger I had a recurring nightmare. I’m lying in my bed, unable to move, and I just hear this slow thumping coming up the stairs, and I know that when the “thing” reaches the top of the stairs and opens my doors, i’m going to get frightened out of my mind :confused:

Of course one night the situation was slightly different, and I was standing in my room, looking at the door and the light was on. The “thing” opened the door, and it was merely my grandad wearing a costume, lol!

Then a benny hill thing sorta started where we both heard thumping coming up the stairs, and it was all. “If you were… And if you are here then… What is THAT?”

And I was never bothered by it again. But I did used to have that recurring nightmare for years.

I occasionally have the dream where my old school is a rocket testing area.

And then there’s the old wive’s ______ building. The last word I don’t know because whenever I try to read it something is blocking it. :sad:

Well, I had something like a recurring dream, except I’d have one dream about it every year and each year it was a little longer. It was a dream where I was at a dark tower place from DK 64 (the place gave me nightmares) and the first part was me going up part of the way to the top. Next time, I did the exact same thing but made it all the way to the top and saw a Boo Mario. (before Super Mario Galaxy ever came out =O) The last time, all that stuff was exactly the same again, but this time when I saw the Boo Mario, I ran past it and started wall jumping up these out of place colourful sideways platforms, jumping past them and then sliding under another one.

As you can see, they are very video game oriented and I’m actually kinda sad I haven’t had one of these dreams in two years. =( I think I should try getting to that place in DK 64 again.

When I was a kid I used to have a recurring nightmare too, although I must say I really enjoyed it :tongue: , it was very fun so I’m not sure if it would be a complete nightmare. I had it like 2,3 or 4 times. After the second time, I always knew what was going to happen next, so that made me aware I was dreaming, however I never could take control of the dream.

Anyways it was fun and I’m hoping I’ll have that nightmare again, someday.

I only had recurring dreams when I was a child. It always took place inside of a “white house” (what I called it at the time) which was a large, cylindrical hotel or building and played through like a game. You had to reach the top overcoming several obstacles from old people blocking the hallway to soldiers coming to attack. If you went downstairs, a coin would flip and if it landed tails side up, a shadow man would come to attack you. Once I finally reached the top in one of the dreams, I flew away and never had that dream again.

I’m not sure what it meant…

Nowadays, I only have recurring themes. The most prominent of them all at the moment is Satan being my lover. I find it fascinating because despite the negative or positive nature of the dreams, I never find it weird that I’m in love with the devil and I’m always calm and collected. shrug

When I was a kid, I had a recurring dream where I would get into an elevator, the doors would close, and I would promptly plummet to my death (well, if I didn’t wake up first, which I always did).

Haven’t had it in years, but I always think about it when I ride elevators. In the back of my head I have a little voice saying “What if this time it comes true?” Guess I’ve been lucky so far. :happy:

Haha, Ive had a lot of recurring dreamthemes :razz:

When I first joined I always used to have tram and bus dreams :lol: autumn 2008 I instead got recurring dreams about my old school :razz: 2009 was mainly about shopping malls and snow :tongue: now its all about railroads and trains :tongue:

Of course I can have other kind of dreams too, but my dreams usually follow the current theme :cool_raz:

Lately I’ve had a recurring pattern in my dreams, where I enter my old elementary school, walk through the building on an almost fixed path and go into the gym hall, which has been turned into a second cafeteria. How I got to the school or what happens in the cafeteria gym hall are not part of the pattern and change between dreams. It’s interesting how true to RL my dream school is, although after spending nine years in it, I shoudn’t really be suprised that the floor plan has sunk into my SC.

one of my reoccurring dreams as a kid (though it was a theme in alot of dreams) is me outside at night running from my house with something invisible chasing me , no idea why but this went on for quiet awhile.

^Yeah, I’ve had a lot of dreams where I suddenly realize that something invisible is chasing me. Generally this causes me to panic, and I wake up right before whatever it is catches me. It’s creepy.

I have a reocouring dream… Its allways at my old scout camp, and Im there with some friends, and we are looking for these caves that are somewhere in the woods, but we can never find them. Ive had this dream alot, and I allways have a sence of mystery in the dream, but when I wake up its allmost feels like a scary dream.