Recurring Lucid dreams - What A Dream!!!

Hello, Technodreamer is back. Yes I have had LD’s since I was gone. I think the belief that leaving the Forum temporarly made me dream, as in the placebo effect.

I did some WBTB, went to sleep. I dreamt I was in a hall with my friends. I walked around and then suddenly knew that I was dreaming. It was only Low-level though because I did not attempt to control myself, or notice that I could do no harm to myself. The dream scene changed and I was back where I stood before. I had losed Lucidity, but walked and gained it again. I must have gone through this cycle two more times.

I then dreamt I couldn’t move. I tried to call for help and could barley do it. I was then high lucidity, knew I was dreaming, and that no harm could come to me. I was in bed (in my dream), knew I couldn’t move and became scared. So I said, remain calm, this is only a dream, my body is safley in bed. I got bored after a while, I couldn’t do anything without control. I demanded I move with no success. So I tried to change the scene, making sure I focus on the fact that I’m dreaming. But I still losed it. Oh well, it was just unfortunate that I couldn’t move, and very frustrating.


That second LD, is that what is called Sleep Paralysis? I’ve heard several people on here talk about it, but I’ve never experienced it.

Sleep paralysis is where you awake, but you find you cannot move. This can last for a few seconds to several minuets. However, during this stage people are still hearing things from there dreams, and can even see things sometimes. This can be very frigtening, people fear the old hag sitting on them. I’m not sure what “the old hag” is, but I imagine it’s an old lady. Was it off of a film?

I, on the other hand, think I dreamed I was having SP. I was fully awake, but relized that it was a dream. I never get SP, and found that I had several more dreams before I awoke to RL.

I like to call sudden relization of dreaming STILD. (I developed this ILD for it. It means Spontaneous Initiated Lucid Dreaming.)