Regarding awakenings

i have been having plenty of lucid dreams since my first yet a problem is slowly rising. they’re not that long, perhaps 3-5 minutes and i’d really like to know how to elongate them. my biggest question though is regarding awakenings, as my lucid dreams end without warning. i go from lding, to waking up in about 1 second. most of the techniques described only give you tips if the dream is slowly ending but not for fast ones. i’ve tried many things like periodically saying this is a dream and focussing but they proved to no success. has anyone else encountered this problem and solved it? or does anyone know how what i should do?

I have the same problem, when the lucid dream ends, it ends in no more than one second. In this time I don’t even have the time to think about it not to mention trying any of the prolonging techniques.

I’m curious to hear the others on this…

I’m more curious as to what tech you use to get plenty of LDs. Didn’t you(Master Pane) only start in mid January?

you are right raging canadian, my first ld was Jan. 25th, but this is the funny part. i’m not doing any techniques really. out of all of my lucid dreams, 70% are from no techniques, just random perhaps. however i go to sleep wanting with the intention to have lucid dreams. 5% with WILD and audio cues, and 25% with my technique, i guess you’d call it, LSILD. meaning lucid song induced lucid dream. again they end really quickly so i’m wondering if theres a way to fix that. if so i’m going to be a very happy man :cool_laugh:

Stupid me! :grrr:

I remembered reading your first LD was in January but forgot the whole thread on your technique with the music. I even posted on that thread. If the course on consciousness doesn’t pan out for me I may have to switch techs again.