Relacing Music...


I was looking for relaxing MIDIs, found this site, and thought I’d share it. I’ve picked out the ones I like, and I’m going make them play tonight :smile:

Some are better than others. I’m just skimming through them. If you know of any relaxing tunes, please tell me.


Just open up any of your favourite P2P sharing utilities, eg Kazaa, Bearshare, morpheus, and in the search box for audio files type in:

Sounds of Nature

There should be heaps of relaxing nature sound files that come up. Very relaxing. :content:


The sounds in midi files are a bit too sharp for me.
If i relax to music, i use something like:

David Sylvian
Fläsk / Flesh Quartet

Some of it is hard to find on P2P’s. ( I miss Audiogalaxy :sad: )

I have the thunderstorm one of those, with all the rain splashing down and sound of thunder. My only concern is that I’ll wake up having wet myself :smile:

And of course: Sigur Ros! :smile:

The only reason I wanted MIDIs was because I like to use my keyboard to play the music for me, as I don’t have any PCs or Hi-Fis in my room (might get a laptop soon though). The music would usually wake me in the night though, and I’d wake up tired in the morning because it prevented me from going into a deep sleep.

I used earphones because my brother kept complaining about the music. On my wireless earphones though (infra-red ones), White Noise is almost as loud as the tune. My brother then told me that white noise is known to be good for going to sleep. I’ve tried it, and am giving it the big thumbs up :grin:. I just switch of my keyboard and infra-red transmitter, and listen the the quiet white noise from the earphones. Very relaxing.


It’s true that white noise can relax you fairly effectivly. I use a fan to achieve the same results. I wonder why people seem to be able to sleep easier when there is some abmbient noise in the room?

I think it’s because it helps block your hearing senses, i.e if you hear a constant noise, it blocks out other noises, plus as it is constant you eventually don’t know it’s there. The less senses you have operating, the easier it is to get to sleep.

Trance music puts me out like a light. If only I could just realize I was dreaming!

You should try some psychedelic ambient. Some tracks really make my skin crawl. Solar Quest - Trisine is BY FAR the most relaxing sound I’ve ever heard, but it’s hard to find.
Psytrance is also very good for chilling.

If I wanna relax I put on some Beethoven, usually its the Moonlight Sonata. For the Love of God by Steve Vai is another relaxing one.

MY favorites go to Vangelis and my nature meditation CDs. The latter do almost too good a job.

Chinese or Japanese bamboo flute music is good for falling asleep or meditating.