Relaxation and fun in LDs

I sometimes take a walk barefoot in the snow, or go for a swim under the stars in LDs. :cool: I did both last night, but didn’t post everything. Cold isn’t uncomfortable in a dream, so i find the painless cold strangely relaxing.

Walking on bottom of the sea is relaxing too :razz:

Or just relaxing up in the sky :cool_laugh:

Or just swim through the stars?

How about relaxing in a hammock hanging above an active volcano?
Should be interesting.

I guess the possibillities are just too endless to find the best way to relax…
Or maybe the best way to relax is by not relaxing at all… ?

I find everything relaxing to some degree in LD’s. Especially flying.

I want to fall in love with just a cute girl at my school and get our relationship pretty far in one dream :happy::wink:

My last lucid dream was interesting. It was sunny and bright outside and i could feel the cool spring wind on my skin but when i looked up into the sky it was a night sky with clearly showing stars and such. very surreal and very relaxing.
I find the most relaxing things are the highly surreal landscapes my mind can produce, they make me feel at home.

Wow that sounds nice.
It sounds even better when I realize that it suddenly started snowing again yesterday.

It makes me want to have a lucid dream more and more.

Never dream of something you can do in reality. :wink:

I’ve been trying to go to a Starbucks to write comedy sketches in a LD, but I haven’t gotten a decent one lately :sad: