Relaxation Tech

Okay, some days ago I asked my subconsciousness to help me with my lucid dreaming. What I got was an awesome way to relax =D

Here’s the deal:
Imagine you’re swimming in the middle of an ocean, and all you can see is a small sand island about 50 meters away from you (Must be big enough for you to lay there). Feel the way it’s harder to move around in the water, and your body moving. Swim to the island and just relax in the sand.

Then bury yourself down in the sand. Feel the sand on your skin. And make sure you use time. Just feel that the sand is over you, and that you’re buried. You’ll soon be ready to enter the hypnagogic phase :smile:

You’ll probably get a HUGE urge to move! This is your body checking whether you’re awake or not. If you don’t react, your body will most likely fall asleep, but your mind will stay awake.

Here you can experiment with WILD, VILD or whatever you feel like.

Just felt like this was something worth sharing, because I know how hard just relaxing properly is for some :wink:

I’m gonna try this tonight :smile:

I"ll try this tonight. There is a technique called CALD and you change your subconscious into a character, you should try it out. Here is a link [Character Assisted Lucid Dreaming - CALD Part III)

gonna try for sure tonight!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Count me in! :grin:

I’m gonna try this too. If you can’t trust a sub-c who can you trust? :tongue:

You guys must let me know how it works out =D

Oh, that CALD thing looks so fun! :yay:

It worked really well… until I reached the shore and lost focus :sad: . I felt really heavy and relaxed and if it hadn’t been for my loss of focus, it probably would’ve worked. Great technique! :ok:

Definitely trying again tonight! :wink:

I failed :sad: Didn’t get relaxed enough to fall asleep -_-

*******Ops. Must have clicked twice on the Submit button :shy: *********

It was unusually effective at making me relax, but unfortunately I wasn’t tired enough to slip into a dream.:sad: But if I’m more tired tonight I still want to try again!

Hmm … You could try focusing your whole concentration to a single point, like that buzzing sound in your ears. Then just watch what happens :content:

Read this. If this can’t get you to sleep, nothing can =P Just make sure you don’t just fall asleep right away, and wake up the next morning like “what happened?”.

Maybe you should do some cardio throughout the day, to ensure that you’ll be pretty tired :content:

Love to, but 4 essays due Monday are callin’ my name. :grrr: :cry:
I’ll let you know next week if the average school day’s enough to make this tech. work. :read: (pun unintended)

Link’s broken :content:

Works for me =/

What exactly are you quoting me on? :eh: :confused: :eh:


Same here!

Well now :wink: It must have been a short downtime :smile:

this worked realllyyyy well for me! I almost got really far with WILD doing this. I will try again tonight! :grin:

Didn’t work at all for me, neither did that other one. Either I was doing something wrong, or I’m unrelaxable, if that’s a word.

I bow my head in shame (AAARGH! Still no blushing smiley!). I forgot about the technique and didn’t try it last night.