Relaxing Help...

I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to relax…I have had both HI and sounds, but that’s as far as I get before I give up. How do you do the “relaxing” techniques?

Theres some pretty relaxing breathing technique I heard on the internet somewhere maybe this site.

Breathe in for 6 seconds.

Hold the breath for 4 seconds.

Slowly breathe out for 8 seconds.

Focus on abdominal breathing while your doing this, dont breathe from the lungs.

Focusing on this is a good way to do a WILD i think because your counting out the seconds and your focused on your breathing at the same time. Its also very relaxing.

Breathe very slowly and deeply. The techniques of the previous poster are very good. Normally, this alone will already make you feel relaxed. Next concentrate on your feet. Completely relax all muscles of your feet, imagine there is a flow of energy to your feet, and imagine that they are becoming extremely heavy. Now, repeat this process for your ankles, your calves,… and work your way upwards. Of course don’t move, and keep on breathing correctly. When you reached your head, you should be very relaxed. With a little practice, it will become very easy.

There is a technique which is know as the “61 points technique”. I’m using something like this but easier (I can never remember the 61 points! :happy: ).

Lying in your bed, you successively focus on different parts of your body. Beginning by, say, the right side, you focus on fingers, hand, forearm, elbow, shoulders, then you do in the same way along your right side and legs down to the toes.

The same with the left side.

Then you focus on the differents parts of your face, hair, forehead, eyebrows, eyelids, nostrils, mouth and jaws. Everytime you focus on a point, you try to relax it and make muscular tensions disappear. Then you continue with your throat, chest, etc. down to the feet.

And you make the same with your back from the feet upwards to the back of the head.

When you do this, you’re generally well relaxed, but I still focus on my breathing, feeling the center of my belly (around the navel area) going up and down while counting about to 20 breathings.

(I hope I didn’t make any mistranslation concerning the body parts! :peek: )

a link for a good 61 points technique tutorial is:

its not too hard to memorize, you just work your way around your body in a pattern. i managed to do it successfully in 3 days of practice

i find this is by far the most effective relaxation technique, but very difficult for me after WBTB

good luck!