Relaxing Music

I was wondering if there could be some relaxing musics, and … I found plenty of them.
I would like to share long musics, that are relaxing, and help you to fall asleep and will maybe be long enough for you to realize you’re dreaming (I don’t know about you, I never heard music in my dreams, but it seems to be fantastic!) :
Here are 3 links to youtube, that are providing me a great relax feeling :

You can download them in MP3 here :
Or if you prefer to use some program to do this:
- (Windows, Mac, and Linux I think…)

If you know some good music, just share it in this post :wink:

Hmm, nice finds. Although for links, don’t put the “-” (or anything for that matter), makes the links annoying to copy (and it wouldn’t get parsed as an URL to be clickabl either).

These are conventional songs, aka not as long, and probably not suitable for listening during sleeping, but I listen to some of these songs before going to sleep, as they calm me down. Underlined songs are my top choices (although I like all these songs) (Jelonek - Pizzicato Asceticism) (Jelonek - Beech Forest) … eath-above (Life and Death - game: Verge) (Crossroads, also Lunar Reflection - Stepping Stones in Water) (Golden Sun - The Elemental Stars) (Golden Sun 2 - Aqua Rock) (Golden Sun 2 - Garoh Theme) (C418 - Living Mice)

Yeaah, I like the 8 bit one :content:
Thanx for your links, I added links on my post too, sorry about that, I didn’t realized.

I have an album by Dixon’s Violin, great calming music. It’s just one guy with a violin and a loop pedal, but he’s truly a master of his instrument. Really fun live, too.

Dr. Schroeder’s “One, Two or Three?” I quite like it!

One of my recent favourites: Saxon Shore - This Place

There are a lot of good picks on here! Very relaxing!

Make Your Way - EMBRZ

the EMBRZ are really great musics, if you like this one go through his others :smile:

Enjoy meditation without the not doing anything part