What are some good methods for relaxing, to get into a relaxed state for different LD techniques? also, what are some good audio tracks to help with relaxing that are available online?

Different methods of relaxing works for different people. :cool: The one I use the most is tensing the muscles in different body parts, one by one. It’s easies to relax that way.

i just dont move anything and have all my muscles rest. and then i think of being in a lucid dream…which makes me relaxed ^^

First of all, I lie on the back in my bed, eyes closed, without moving.
I feel each of my right hand fingers, one by one, then my wrest, then my arm, up to the shoulder, then down along my right side, the leg and the right foot.
I do the same with my left side.
Then I feel my hairs, my forehead, my eyelids. I relax the place between my eyebrows. Then the nostrils, the mouth, etc. Like this, I go down to my feet.
I do the same with the back side of my body, but from the feet to the nape of the neck.
The first times, it could be useful to mentally name each part of the body you concentrate on.
I finish my relaxation in imagining a wave of energy ( or a wave of water, like on the seashore ) going up from my feet to my head, then back to my feet, three times.
If I feel a still contracted muscle, I concentrate on it, trying to relax it, or imagining this sort of wave sweeping the contraction away.
I learned this technique in yoga lessons.
Was I clear ?

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Good luck:)