reliable RC: please help in experiment!

a couple of nights ago i had a dream in which i did my favourite RC: i looked at my hands. but it didn’t work - my hands were perfectly normal! i was sort of surprised they didn’t look funny, but the dream prevailed as a ND :sigh:

anyway,i was wondering if it was possible to find an RC that is fool-proof. i know it’s hard, and that nothing in a dream is stable, but i thought it was worth a try.i’m not an advanced enough LDer to do the experiment by myself so i was hoping some of the more experienced LDers on this site could help, i was thinking coughmoogle and uh coughQ mayby? it would be great if every one could help though - it should be fun!

thanks in advance to everyon that does help!

heh heh heh - this is going to be very interesting…:uptosomething:

the nose rc almost always works.

Simply hold you nose tightly closed, and attempt to breathe out. If you can still breathe out, you are probably dreaming.

The nose RC is the most effective still, because you’re still breathing in real life. It has an almost 100% success rate.

Could try jumping and seeing how high you can jump. If you can jump higher than normal… or even start flying lol, then you’ll know very fast that it’s a dream :content:

I use to bite my bottom lip as an RC. When it feels numb I know I´m dreaming.

No RC is 100% foolproof for everyone. It’s best to have 2 or 3 different RCs.

As for this RC… I have used it in 2 different dreams … once it worked and in the other dream it didn’t work.

Wasn’t there already a topic about the ultimate fail proof RC? tries to remember looks at moogle :grin:

anyhow, the nose RC doesn’t work always. I have had several occassions where it just doesn’t click it is a dream, and where I sometimes think i can’t breathe, or think that it’s normal to breathe through your nose.

So it would be good to find a fail proof one.

when my hand-RC didn´t work. I drew a word on my hand, och read an re-read it. in my dream, I allways had strange colours over my hand.

or try to move objects with your mind. That one is acctually a bit funny to do =P

I vote for nose RC. As mentioned it’s not 100% “error-free”, but it works better than other RC-s for me.

It doesn’t work when you have a stuffy nose. I learned that the… well, it’s not the hard way, because it wasn’t really painful…

Anyway, I like nose RC best as well, but I find counting fingers (actually counting them. If I miscount and count 9 fingers, I know I’m dreaming), and reading clocks and re-reading them effective.

While the nose RC is still very effective, I’ll still have to agree that it doesn’t work all the time; I’ve had several occasions where it failed me. One RC that hasn’t failed me yet is the one in which you attempt to stick your finger through your other hand, although I don’t seem to use that one as often as the nose reality check. I seem to forget it most of the time. :ack:

Well, the look-at-a-text-and-look-back-to-see-if-the-text-has-changed-or-
some-of-the-letters-are-screwed-up RC has been tested by LaBerge :smile:

I think that it was a 75% chance of the letters being messed up if you looked at it twice, and a 99% percent chance it you looked tree times. So four times is as good as 100% fool proof :content:

I’ve had some bad experience with the nose RC :neutral:
I had trouble breathing and it actually hurt after I tried the RC (in the dream!). By the way, how did the whole “pinch yourself to see if you’re dreaming” thing come along? It almost never works, as you can feel some pain in LDs :tongue:

I have a Reality Check that’s worth giving a shot at. But its only pretty good when no one is around.

I spin around and see if anything becomes unstable ^^

If you do it with people around, and it turns out to be Real Life, it may be awkward. heh.

I have read a few hundred dream journals now.

One RC that doesn’t seem to fail is to look at a digital clock at least twice. The numbers will change.

However, I think the world of RCs is pre-lucid and dream logic can come into play. Best approach is to try and train yourself, if you think you might be dreaming You Are!

(But I still get sucked in sometimes by Realism of my dreams. In which case my default RC is hop in air and start flying - can’t do this IWL, yet :tongue: )

What about holding your breath? In RL you would have to breathe sooner or later, or you would pass out, but in an LD you should be able to hold it forever while your RL body keeps on breathing. The advantage to this is that it would require little effort, and also it wouldn’t be very noticable in RL.

Try swimming in a dream, if you can. You should breathe underwater! Though there isn’t always a pool around :smile:

Should you switch RC’s every so often to avoid training yourself to do them with the same result in a dream as in RL?

Erm. One, that seems dangerous. What if you pass out IWL?

Secondly, this is the basis of the nose RC - because you try breathing in in the dream, you also try breathing in IWL. In that case, holding your breath in the dream would be the same as IWL.

That seems like it would be reliable, but that would hurt IWL…

With my experience, it doesn’t matter if you keep using the same RC. The point is to question whether or not you’re awake.

Eh. It’s failed for me before. All RC’s have failed for me before… Of course, the most likely succeed anyway…

Heh, last night was just one of those rarest moments, when it actually failed (it has happened few times before also). I “knew” that i was awake and did many nose RC-s and were able to breath every time. And i thought: “Well, probably things change and i can breath now through closed nose in reality also” :bored:

I don’t think there is a “best” RC that works for everyone either. For me I noticed that I always dream in unusual color schemes (gold-lighting, saturated colors, muted colors, psychedelic colors, etr.) and noticing strange lighting always helps me (especially if its a FA).

Other things I’ve tried is jumping and seeing if I come down immediately or if I sort of float down, and asking myself where am I and what am I doing.