Reliving past experiences through LDs

Over the past two nights I had two LDs and in each I ended up in the same dream scape with similar situations,but two different outcomes.

I was wondering if in a LD any one thinks that it would be posible to pull up a scene from your life and basically relive it. Clealry this wouldn’t effect the outside world, but your “reality” could be significantly altered.

I think I read something about this in Patricia Garfield’s creative dreaming. It could have been another book. But anyway, someone said something like we retain all of our memories in our mind somewhere, they just get shoved down to make way for new ones. And that you can somehow go back to these memories with LDing.
I also remember something about if you have a bad dream then you can go over the dream in your head again and give it a better ending and you’ll feel better. Maybe this would work with life situations too? Like if I was recreating something that ended saddly in my waking life in an LD and gave it a happy ending… but I’m not sure if that would help really. It might feel good at the time but really if something ended baddly, maybe its best that it did.
I’m not sure if thats what you meant but I rambled on about it anyway. :wink:

playing a ‘better’ outcome won’t alter truth
maybe reliving bad memories helps in accepting them and moving on with the present

the idea of reliving memories sounds great. it could perhaps expand your perspective of yourself, how much you really are and how great your life experience has been so far, much of which goes unnoticed in day-to-day life. I will surely give this a good many tries

I believe you could “replay”a past experience though I have not tried it yet. I think it would be beneficial to play back both good and bad experiences.

With negative experiences you can learn about yourself. You can examine what choices you made or how you handled a situation free of any judgements about it. Then you can explore ways of dealing with the situation differently and see what the outcome would be. It would help you grow and you may be in a position to better handle similar situations in the future.

i’ve tried this… i had a girl in my closet… she had a tv/vcr, was supposed to be my subconscious manifested into a persona… i told her what i wanted to relive, and asked her to do it

she gave me a brief dream that was LOOSELY on tangent with the theme of them memory (band) but that’s it.


maybe the memory I wanted to relive was a bit, umm… innappropriate though? Too selfish? Why would my mind care though? It’s just a reflection of me… unless i subconsciously thought that I had better things to be doing?

Anyway it didn’t work well, but I’d really like to do this… I think maybe the best state would be in a trance (as in wake yourself up into paralysis) and then you just reminisce about something in the best details that you can.

What I’d be interested in, is whether the memories would be lucid, like, you are in control of them… or if you would do everything like you did it the first time, and be unaware that it isn’t real, or if you’d watch it like it was just a movie?

For example, the Butterfly Effect… at first he relived his experiences as they were real… then… he could spark lucidity in them… change them…

I’d like to do things like that (not alter the future though) but just… step exactly inside what really happened to you.

I bet somewhere the exact 100% details of an experience are hidden in your mind.

If you requested to replay a memory, would the memory really be accurate?

I wouldn’t be suprised if our subcouncious has basically exact records of events, but that we just aren’t able to access them, because they aren’t recorded based on the same logic we experience conciously.

I would maybe jsut try to appear someplace from your past and check out the details… see how similar it is, before trying to recreate the experience from your subconcious.


I believe they would be real at least as you remember them. The memories may even be more detailed that. People under hypnosis can recall very obscure memories in exact detail.

holy reality

Don’t let the fact that it did not work the way you expected deter you. The fact that it worked at all proves that it is possible. It might just take practice to get it to work the way you expect.

Happy Dreaming

yeah… i just never remember these things while lucid…

all i remember is i want to have sex.

or fly.

What I think might work well… is just sitting down, closing your eyes (while flying to avoid waking up) and kind of reminiscing about something that happened to you.

and then you try and build up a visualization (you’ll probably be in trance, sort of borderline in SP but still unaware of your body) and it might form into hypnagogic visions then take hold and you’ll be back inside it.

i imagine if you have a strong memory of something said to you, or something you saw, and that you can manage to get it to appear/play then you just try and strengthen it while trying really hard to pretend you are experiencing it, that might work.

it’s kind of like how if i say i want a gun and try and pretend i’m holding one… it might give me a crappy unrealistic gun, but if i do that and remember what a real gun looks like, whatever gun it is i want, and try and force that into the dream… it works better.

in fact i dare say if you remembered a scene of a violent movie while picturing the gun, you might ensure that the gun works in a realistic manner… as it loads memories into the dream?

I need to try some of this.

That might work. You could also try spinning. Think of a memory while spinning and tell yourself that you will be at that time when you stop. Hopefully you will stop and fin yourself back at that time. Reliving it.

There is nothing wrong with that !!! I love flying. It is still one of my favorite things to do in a LD and yes so is sex.

I am wondering if you know how many LD ‘s you have had so far?

100 just by estimate

or near 100…

Who knows? I’ve probably not been “not lucid” one night this month…

I mean let’s say since I can have 2-3 more LDs a night, that I’ve had 30 this month… I don’t count.

Most of them are either play along with the dream lucidity, or unguided goaless sort of unfocused lucidity though.

I have a tendency to pretend things are real, even think they are real.

and reflecting on last nights dreams has made me realize I should probably be a bit nicer to my brother and my include him in things… how i would do that i have no idea, he’s 7 years younger than me, extroverted, annoying… and sadly getting entangled in all this church stuff that I had to go through and don’t want put into his head.

He’s too young for those kind of ideas to be put into him… he is already effectively brainwashed about everything else (for example the war… hating democrats… ) he doesn’t even watch the damn news. Not that watching it gives you much info but… come on…

So I don’t know, my dreams have been disturbing lately…

I had one where I “woke up” in my grandmas house (why do i dream about that so much?) and well except I was in florida on a band trip (reliving memories perhaps) and I got lucid… saw an amazing sunrise, so beautiful, on a beach… then I had my digital camera, wanting to take pics (wasn’t very lucid mind you) and it got all wet and some spiny sea creature kept poking me… then I woke up and tried to re-enter… when I finally did I couldn’t get to the beach, just her swimming pool… some guy I knew (not a bad guy but annoying) was making fun of me… I just spontaneously jumped up on his chair and punched him in the face… then I was like “whoa, why did I do that” so then I made a portal and I ended up in a Mexican looking version of my grandmas backyard

but then it turned into some oriental place and some monk was acting really weird toward me… i don’t really remember what that was about, but due to his weirdness i decided to make up some weird song parody and we danced down the steps of this temple thing…

i think there was lizard involved in there somewhere… hmm…

it’s not a good example of lucidity really though, except that I was glad I remembered to make a portal (so were the DCs around me)

I don’t know… I have much better things to be working on (like resolving issues and recurring dreams) than to just have pointless sex (IT DOESN’T FEEL GOOD) or flying (that can feel very good and feels like a better use of time)