REM - Anybody got numbers for me?


 Does anybody here know how rapid Rapid Eye Movement really is?  How many times do the eyes move every minute, on average?  Are there lots of little movements and only a few big ones?  How big are the movements (is it like glancing hard to the side, or just a slight deviation from center)?  Do the movements come in bursts?  If so, how many movements are in a typical burst and how much time is there between bursts?  Any other interesting figures?  Thanks!

I think it varies from person to person, but maybe if you asked someone at the lucidity insitute they could tell you.


I think the eyes move the same as inside your dream world. There was an experiment made by Stephen Laberge in which subjects were asked to move their eyes once per second while dreaming lucid. This proved that dream time is the same as IRL and that eyes are controllable while dreaming.

Well on average I wouldn’t be surprised if your eyes moved up to one hundred times a minute or so.

EDIT - It could be more or less depending on what your looking at in your dreams. Maybe maxdamage has got the correct number by assuming once every second.