REM cycles

Whenyou go to sleep at first you go through all the non dreaming deep sleep stuff right? Well, if the REM cycles get longer after this period…and you keep dreaming if you go back to sleep after waking up, at what point does it start again from the deep sleep part? If you were to continually go back to sleep through a whole day (no, I’ve never done this 'cos I feel really crap!)after how many hours of sleeping would the whole cycle restart?

I got to thinking about this when I was thinking about going to bed at 8pm, which is HOURS before I would normally, and I was wondering if I would dream because I’d only been up for like 3 hours, or whether Iwouldn’t 'cos it was nearly night time…can someone explain this fully to me?

I knew there was a similar topic somewhere in the archives. here:
Sleep Timer

I think they agreed that after two hours, your sleep cycle will start from NREM when you fall asleep again.

Unless you`re not in sleep debt REM starts every 90 minutes.In case u have had not enough sleep before it may start earlier but later REMs will be again every 90 minutes.First one roughly lasts about 10 minutes and last one can reach around 30 minutes depending on how many u get.Every next ReM is longer about 5-10 mins
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