rembering to know you're dreaming. I can't do it.

Ok I have tried to do this. twice today cause I didn’t get sleep much so I was sleepy. Well I start to sleep and tell myself ok when you start dreaming we’ll start to have some fun. But I just fall into a dream and don’t even remember to do it. then I wake up and am mad cause It didn’t work? how do you stay focused and dream at the same time?

I guess you have been trying some sort of MILD technique, but it will not work if you wish it just once or twice. You have to get use with this thought while falling asleep. Repeat it until you fall asleep. If you are lucky and believe enougth you will successed.

bluedolphin87 be sure to read all about MILD on the main site (check how -> mild) and in the big MILD topic. Also don’t give up or become frustrated if a technique doesn’t work within a week or so, keep at it! :smile:.

It takes people different amount of time - had you succeeded in having an LD on your first atempt, I would be incredibly impressed :tongue:.

First, pick a technique (MILD is quite good, along with WBTB).

Then pick a couple of RC’s (two or three) and take them whenever you remember too.

Buy a DD (this could just be a notepad if you wish) and put it by your bed every night, ready for you to write in in the morning.

Keep with this (it’s not as time consuming as it may sound) and you’ll get your LD’s :smile:.
And trust me… it’s worth every bit of effort :cool:.

:bored: ah right during my first lucid dream i got so excited in the moment when i realized i was dreaming and i woke myself up! still trying to be able to remember to do reality checks in dreams… been doing them randomly throughout the day to get into the habbit!

not once today has my finger gone through my hand!


join the club. :smile: :wink:

same here sisokogotai :content: only it was my second through fourth that that happened, then I learned to keep calm during the first moments of a lucid dream

Hi bluedolphin87! Welcome to LD4all! :wave:

It’s seems that you’re confusing 2 techniques: MILD and WILD.

When you practise MILD, you strongly suggest yourself that, in your dreams, you’ll remember to realize you’re dreaming. What happens next is that, in the midst of normal dream, you suddenly become conscious. As a lot of people told you in previous posts, it generally requires about 2 weeks to get a first LD with it (though some people get a LD in the first days they try, it depends on motivation).

When you practise WILD, you try and fall asleep consciously. You generally perform this by repeating some sentence, like “1 I’m dreaming, 2 I’m dreaming, etc.”, or focusing on a sensation (feeling like you’re fall through your bed), in order to maintain your awareness during the falling asleep process. Before you enter a dream, you first go through the hypnagogic state, in which you may experience hypnagogic hallucinations and imagery. This technique fits better for you if you can fall asleep quickly, or if you’re naturally aware of hypnagogic hallucinations (like vibrations or floating sensations) when you fall asleep. It’s said that this technique should not be practised by beginners when going to bed, but gives better results if you wake up after 4, 5 or 6 hours of sleep. The more you experience this technique, the deeper you can go through the falling asleep process, until you can enter a dream lucidly.

You can find more accurate information about these techniques across the forum, for instance in the BIG WILD topic and in the BIG MILD topic, in the Quest of Lucidity Sub-Forum.
Feel free to ask more questions if you don’t understand well how it works! :smile:

All of the techniques take time to learn so, you just have patients and you will get there.

Aside from giving yourself a MILD suggestion you may also want to consider:

  1. Keep a dream journal every day. Personally, I think this is an important step.

  2. As Surreal mentioned doing RC ‘s during the day can also help.

I agree with what Sureal said about this. Intention to remember is usually much more successfull if you have just woken from REM sleep, so be sure to use SWBB along with your usual method. In fact I don’t even bother using intention methods until I have woken after at least 4 hours of sleep because the chances of success are so small otherwise.