remeber my dreams almost everynight but still cant get lucid

Hi, new to forum(not to site tho, been comin her for about 6months now or more not really sure)

i always have had very vivid dreams and can remeber many dreams from years ago and i also remeber my dream almost everytime i wake up…however ive only gotten lucid a handful of times and only 1 time since ive started coming to site(well 2 if u count one that last for about 10 secs)…my first one was actually pretty interssting (it was prolly about 10 mins)…i saw a dude in a Clifford the Big Red Dog suit and asked him what I could do to make myself more out-going and confident(cause im usually kinda non-outgoing) and he told me 2 things before I woke up…he said " Perfection is lost in the Fossils" and “follow the path your on”…its funny that i remeber them, to me at least, because it was like 6 months ago and its really info from subconcius (yes no?)…i kinda took the meaning as…dont wait for things to be perfect (to make a move) because you will be waiting for ever…

anywayz back on topic…anyone have any advice that could help me become lucid again…I really wanna talk to the dude in th Clifford the Big red dog suit again =P

first things first… are you keeping a dream journal? if not, start one

then let me suggest that you do WBTB mixed with the MILD intention “i will meet that big red dog in my dream. i will recognize the dreamscape” or something to that effect

good luck

Well the first thing is what kind of methods, if any are you using to gain lucidity? You could try concentrating more on your current methods, trying new ones, or mixin em up eh?

As for Clifford, wow, most people in the forum aren’t looking for a dog in their lucid dreams. :grin:

By the way, great dream qoute, that one’s a doozy. My favorite is: It is better to lose what is outside your head than what is inside. Doesn’t have the same ring to it though :tongue:

but canadian, yours makes sense. better to lose all your friends than become insane.

im more interested in what clifford meant when he said those things

well first off, no im not keeping a dream journal…do they really help that much…personally im kinda lazy in the mourning but if it helps a lot maybe ill try it…second, I have been trying to use MILD but so far it hasnt really helped too much but after a while i had kinda stopped trying cause i hadnt been getting any results but i recently had a short (10sec) lucid period and it got me interested again so ill try concentrating harder on my current methods…third, as for clifford, i guess in dreams what really matters is what it meant to you (as in the dreamer)…to me it meant i shouldnt just keep waiting for everything to be perfect before (in my case) like when i try to ask a chick out or something, because nothin will ever be perfect, perfection is only an illusion made by our minds, and in waiting you will die and become a fossil…so in a sense the waiting for perfection is lost in the fossils(death)…as for the second quote, no idea what it means…did clifford mean follow the path i am on in life in genreal? or did he mean follow the path i am on the dream(which i woke up after he said that) so i may never know until my next lucid dream

The two most powerful methods I know of for lucid dreams is the Dream Journal and WBTB combined with MILD. Another basic technique stated on this site is the Reality Check, but I personally haven’t had any success with it. I guess it’s because I keep forgetting to check. Don’t stress yourself over it. Good luck. :cool: