Remembering before DJ?

G’day all,

I belive I said hi at one stage (a long long time ago). Now I am back, as I have a huge willingness to get into Lucid Dreaming. Gives me a break from life (aka the last and most important year of high school)

I read someone’s post about vividness --> Lucidity. Out of everything I’ve ever read, this seems like the bes thing to do for a beginner. I used to do the most complicated stuff… no wonder I gave up.

So question is, how can I get about remembering some dreams so I can even just write anything down into my DJ? At the moment I wake up, even keeping eyes closed hoping to retain some dream. But I’ve been dream dry for a damn long time now :confused:

Cheers guys and gals :smile:

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Even if you are getting enough, change the amount of time, since waking up at different stages of the sleep cycle WILL change the ease or difficulty of recall. When I wake up during or just after REM, my dream is instantly recallable.

Secondly wake up, don’t move, keep your eyes closed and gently probe your mind for any vague memories. If you capture one, explore it and see if you can remember what happened before and after the moment. In this way, you can regain most of the dream memory.

Finally set the intention of recalling your dream BEFORE you go to sleep AND write down every small fragment or feeling the next morning. In this way, your subconscious will realise that dream recall is important to you and it will improve.

Thanks mate!

Will definitely try some suggestions/intentions before bed.

I know its preferable for what you say to be more personal so that there’s more connection, but is there anything specific you should say, in terms of I want to remember my dreams…? Does it need to be more specific than that or…?

Cheers :smile:

I use

I WILL remember my dreams

using want seems more like a wish to remember than the intention to do so.

Good luck.

BTW I talked to a person in chat once, who never remembered his dreams and after talking to me he remembered a dream that very night. :content:

I ended up using that night and managed to come out of really hazy dream. Managed to quickly jot down dot points of everything that happened.

Hopefully I now have a platform to work off.

Ahaha well with 40LD’s up your belt I think you can be trusted :wink: Don’t expect payment :razz: