Remembering dreams after you get up

I’ve had this many times. Today I was in the subway and my mind was wandering. Somehow I got to “elephants” (lol) and that triggered a memory of a scene in a dream last night I forgot about. A few minutes later something triggered another dream, a whole LD I had forgotten!! I was just looking around on a random DJ and read “swine flu” and now I’m almost certain I had a dream with it a few days ago that I didn’t write down! :eh:

Anyway, does this happen to anybody else? And has anyone tried making a list of common topics in dreams and just look at it after you get up to see if it triggers any memories?

Well, I definitely have remembered dreams that I forgot about like that too. For example, one time I was sitting outside in the backyard and then remembered sitting there at some other point asking my girlfriend for a cigarette. This is really out of character because I rarely smoke cigarettes, and she gave it up after doing it for a long time. So me remembering that I had smoked a cigarette was strange to me. I asked her in waking time if I had asked her this. She told me she had no idea what she was talking about. Turns out right after this moment I realized it was a dream I forgot. It hit me like a brick.

Unfortunately I can’t say I have remembered being lucid like that. Then again, I’ve only LD’ed once.

In short: No, I’ve definitely had that happen on a couple occasions.

I have a list of all items and symbols I frequently see in my dreams. Last morning I glanced over it and remembered a whole dream I had involving an aeroplane. A friend had sneaked onto the back wing and attached himself to it with a rope. The plane took off and he surfed the air for a few moments before falling to his death in the sea. It was all rather dramatic, but were it not for my list I would never have remembered it.

dramalama, I also kind of mix up little things, not being sure if it was a dream or not… usually very little things, like conversations lol

Zippy, cool. I’ll try to make a list then! :wink:

hahahhaha last night it happened to me in a dream! :lol:

I had a dream and forgot one scene. Then in another dream I remembered it! Really awesome. Although I’m getting closer and closer to confusing reality and dreams :bored: j/k

Yeah, periodically will just cycle through words in the morning, and eventually one will catch and I will remember a fragment of the dream, then from that, the dream unfold before me. :smile:

I just call them trigger words.

Yeah, this happens pretty often. Very often when I eat bananas (… Well, I have no comment about that :hmmm: ). I don’t know why, but I just sit there and empty my mind (Which isn’t so hard since I hardly use it :tongue: ) and BANG, there we have it!
And sometimes I just have a feeling that a piece of dream is missing, and I search so hard through my mind and it keeps irritating me until I find it again.

I often remember dreams from signs during the day like your elephant. Sometimes when i wake up i just know that i’ve had a dream without knowing anything about it :razz: and i dont get signs that reminds me of it.

I used to have this some time ago, rather than remembering dream right away I remember it one hour later :lol: Quite amusing feeling to remember a dream when youre in tram :content:

Yeah I’ve had this with dreams that I don’t remember till later in the day, but never with an LD.

I also have this weird experience sometimes where it’s not till halfway through my day that I realise whatever it was I dreamed that night never actually happened. Always messes with my mind.

This happens to me all the time! Sometimes I remember a full dream out of the blue, but it’s usually a trigger, like the other day when I saw a photo of a lion on a website, and I suddenly remembered a dream where I had been chased by a lion, and I had flown up in the air to get out of its reach.

I keep a dream journal, so I’m quite familiar with what I usually dream about. Thinking about my usual dream scenes also helps trigger dream memories.

They say it’s easy to remember lucid dreams, but I find myself forgetting them often enough… :eek:

Happened to me too. One morning I woke up and went to my guitar to play a little. When I’ve seen it I remembered that I had a dream in which I’ve painted my guitar. Maybe this could be a new DR technique. See the most common dreamsigns, write them all in a big list and read that list in the morning. What do you say?

Lols yeah… Happened to me today morning…

I just woke up and was going through my desk when I saw my iPod which triggered a fragment of my dream lols.
The feeling you get when the dream comes rushing to your head is pretty amazing :smile: