Remembering dreams for a DJ

Hi everyone! I’ve lurked around here for a while, but i’m just now really starting my quest to lucidity. As I’ve read pretty much everywhere, a DJ is key. I’ve been trying to start one, but I honestly don’t remember a thing about any dreams I have over the night.
I’ve tried going to sleep with the intention of remembering my dreams, but that hasn’t helped much. I’ll have instances where i’m going about my daily life and something will trigger a faint memory (faint as in a smell of something will remind me that I dreamed the night before, or a topic in conversation will sounds oddly familiar to me), but i’m nowhere near my dream journal and I’ve forgotten it by the time I return home.
So I guess my main question is: What are your tips for starting to remember my dreams?

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I’m no expert, but I’ve been able to bring my DR up to 2 per night. Honestly, for me, it just took time (I’m talking a few months). Try setting your alarm clock to 5 hours and 45 min after you go to sleep (various times work) or 90 min before you get up. Wake up then, and only think about lucid dreaming and remembering your dreams, then go back to sleep.

Best is to put a note by the side of your bed to help you remember remember!

Thanks! I’ll try that for a while and see how that goes :smile:

This seems to work pretty well for me too, with a slight variation. For example, I wake up a few times on my own throughout the night, but if you don’t then trying an alarm clock at various intervals should do the trick.

Another trick that may help is to lie completely still right after you wake up and think back to what you were just dreaming about. It does take some practice, but in my experience it’s definitely worth it :content:. You may also want to check out the dream recall tutorial for some more ideas. Good luck!

The trick with memory is to clear it; as you are falling asleep at night, think through the day backwards - in a fast-rewind mode.

For me, taking 300 mg of B6 right before bed lead to miracle. I could only remember sometimes, depending on the day, and never more than one dream. Well, when I tried B6, I remembered 3 to 4 dreams on the first try. Combine it with a mantra or with the glass of water technique and it may just work well. It also make the dreams more vivid and it made my sleep way more refreshing. The next day, I began writing my journal and it made me remember dream the night after too, but without B6.

Thank you so much everyone! I woke up this morning and I could remember so many details from one of my dreams. All of your tips helped me so much!