Remembering past memories in LD s??

Anyone ever try this??


can’t say that i have

[opinion] that’s why memory’s are in the past… so they can be replaced with new ones [/opinion]

Hmmm never experienced anything like this. Interesting idea… During dreams we’re much more in contact with our subconsciousness and perhaps even with the unconsciousness, so in theory it should be easier to recall forgotten memories. I’ve no idea however how to do it… Perhaps you just have to ask for it?

this is not exactly on this topic, but i think still worth mentioning:
a friend of mine told about a dream he had. there were people chilling
out on a mountain top. one of them, as he explained, showed him that
if one trusts in god you can just let yourself go by jumping of the cliff.
now, pretty much a year later i had a vivid dream in which i drove to
this gathering on a mountain top. for some reason i thought the talk of
the people bothering, however, so i showed them that life is much more
than that by jumping off the cliff and starting to fly, as i [this is not all of
the dream, but only whats relevant here] was semilucid in a previous
on waking i first realised that the guy i was driving with and walking
up the hill was actually the friend of mine. … so where im getting at?
this seems like he had a dream with a future self and a year later i have
the same dream with a previous self of him… hm.
he’s coming on a visit [from india] in some weeks. im looking forward
to talk to him about this…

also. i once woke up in a room, i used to live in. as i knew that
i dont live there anymore, i instantly became lucid. the room looked
like it was when i was around 13 maybe… past memories? who knows?


Thats exactly what I was thinking, and maybe since during hypnosis people say they can even remember memories from past live maybe we can do this in LD s…

Another thought that I had is since we only use around 17% of our brains (so I heard) what if in LD s we can stimulate the other 83%…mybe we can all wake up and be geniuses :wink:

I realy think that dreams can do much more then just produce visions, I think in dreams esspecialy in LD s we can go much deaper into out subconsious and keep whatever we gained in there when we wake up…

My LD s don’t yet come that regulary, in fact I haven’t had one for at least 2 weeks now, but If anyone is willing to try this…how about reporting back aout your experiances.


Most people talk about 10%, but that story is actually a myth. It seems that we use almost every part of our brain, but I don’t think this means we cannot “upgrade” our mind to a higher level, perhaps during a LD… I don’t know. Would be awesome though :wink: