Remembering the dream?

Hi guys,

I am still on the journey to have a lucid dream, and I would like to get this question answered. At the moment I only have normal dreams: when I wake up the next morning I try to remember my dream and I can - but it is blurry/fuzzy and a lot of details and information is missing. I can’t remember the feeling etc. at all and there was no taste or smell to remember.

Now, in a lucid dream, can you remember everything crystal clear, as if you did the thing IRL? Maybe it depends on how aware/awake you are, but say like you go swimming in a LD and you have the memory, then you go swimming IRL, is the feeling/the memory the same and as vivid? I hope I am explaining this in a way you can understand.

It’s just, my dreams at the moment are blurry and fuzzy and of course it’s crap. I have no taste or smell in these dreams and I cannot control them (they are just normal dreams). Of course in a LD you can taste, smell, etc. but do you remember the tastes and smells the next day? If you know what I mean…?


Lucid dreams are typically easier to remember, but you can still forget them if you don’t bother to try. Also, the amount of sensory detail is variable, though you can control whether you receive certain sensory info. This is the same for vividness. As for recalling the experience in the same way you would a RL one, I would say that your memories can feel very real in the short term; but, like all dreams, your memory will become spotty after a few hours, days, or weeks depending on how hard you are trying to remember the LD. That’s why it’s important to record your dreams!

(Also, don’t worry if your dreams are fuzzy now. When it comes to these matters, it typically comes down to “ask and you shall receive.” Just keep at it.

Thanks for that info, you give good replies. :content: I am feeling sleepy and I am expecting a more clearer dream tonight. I will try my hardest to have a lucid dream, but there is only so far you can try of course. I have written 1 entry so far for my dream journal.

Lucid Dreams are more special and therefore easier to remember.

What you ate 2 days ago: Nothing special, you forget it quickly.
First kiss: Stays clear in your memory for years.

You can forget lucid dreams but i think its rare. A few times I’ve suddenly remember in the middle of the day “Oh right i had an LD about this and this tonight”.

As for the clarity: LDs are usually clearer but not necessarily. I’ve had visions in my dreams that are just as clear or even more clear then IRL, but not clear in the same way as IRL.

Lucid dreams are way easy to remember, I’d almost say they are hard to forget. I think it is the way you wake up from them. My LDs pretty much end with me waking up. The amount of energy running through your body after an LD is just amazing. Those are the only mornings that I can actually get out of bed without any trouble.
Some normal dreams are easy to remember too, but not all of them. I think this is because a lot of normal dreams are fragments that totally make sense while in a dream, but follow an illogical sequence when awake; hence harder to remember.

it is rare to have all five senses in any dream, and taste/smell are the rarest, I’d say.

When you wake up in the morning, after 5 minutes, 50% of your dream is forgotten, after 10, 90%

Interesting stuff…
I suppose I will have to experience it for myself to really know what it’s like. Your senses are strong or weak depending how lucid or in control you are, I believe?

Hmm I was going to say you might be incorrect… because I can remember my dreams sometimes for days, some I still remember from when I was 10 (7 years ago) - but maybe parts are forgotten and I don’t know they are forgotten because I have forgotten - if you understand me.

I rarely eat stuff in dreams but when i do it tastes very much like IRL.

When you wake up, can you remember eating it & the taste, as if you ate it IRL? For example, you remember that yesterday you ate some chocolate. You remember the flavour, the texture, etc. the next day. Is it the same in dreams?

I once dreamed (normal dream) I was at a buffet, just as I went to eat something I woke up! :sad:

Kinda like that yea.
Nothing in dreams are like IRL but it can get very close.