Remnants of dream(logic)has this happened to you ?

some days ago my mom tried waking me up and i was thought turninbedbyacentimeter "im not selling insurances furtherturninbed so why the hack are you bothering me !!?1
Please post your experiences (or im i just so weird ?)

A firend of mine told me once that there was some loud sound outside one night. I don’t remember what it was but it was something that could have been heard in a large area, like a very minor earthquake. Anyway his dad came into his room and asked if he knew what that noise was. He answered “It was a spaceship that landed over there.”

And my brother once said to his girlfriend when she told him to get up and eat breakfast “Robots don’t eat breakfast”.

Thanks…(no i know i am a little less weird ) :smile:

My mum was waking me up and i said “I know im not superman so stop saying i am…”

Your’e not crazy :hurray:

I think really crazy things if I’m woken up. Usually it’s like information has been put in my head and I believe it for 5-10 minutes until I’m fully awake!

This has happened to me before too, so nobody’s crazy here! Once I was waking up from a LD and I opened my eyes and yelled, “I don’t want to speak Japanese, so leave me alone!” My brother (who was in the same room) gave me a really weird look. :content:

My mom was waking me up from a nap a few months ago, and I yelled, “I just need to finish cutting my toenails!”

Long while ago, I had a dream I was at school and all of my friends and I had gotten new super powers. We were showing them off until it got to me, then I woke up…
Sat up in bed and said “I have the power of ice” While holding out my fists, expecting ice beams to shoot out.

I laid back down and immediately fell asleep again… I only realized how bizarre that was several hours later when I woke up again :tongue: Luckily, no one actually heard what i said, although I did wake my mom up down the hall.

It’s funny how we think we’re still in a dream, yet we don’t know we’re in a dream in the first place. I guess that’s why it’s important to be lucid in real life too :tongue:

A few months ago, I woke up suddenly, (I don’t even remember dreaming at all,) shot up in bed, and said; “He’s dead.” In this really dark, creepy voice. :eek: I have no idea where that came from and I was scared to go check on my dad like I usually do in the mornings, (he has health problems), because I wasn’t sure what I’d find. :scared: He was fine though! :content: It was just some weird thing. :unsure:

Yes, I had a strange feeling a few months ago… I don’t know why, but I jolted out of bed really scared of… breathing…

I slowly drew breaths and repeated something like the word, “aspire” to myself. My brother shot up in bed also and asked if I was okay. Must have sounded weird hearing me whispering words to myself so I could get back to sleep…

I don’t think it’s exactly like what others are describing here, but it’s something like dream logic, nonetheless.