Remote Viewing / Astral Projection

Have any of you had any experience with remote viewing? I’ve read Remote Viewing Secrets, by Joseph McConeagle and learned a lot more about RV-ing than I did know :smile:

I used search and couldn’t find a topic on either RV-ing or AP-ing.

Astral projection - what books would you guys reccomend? I’ve read John Magnus’ book ‘Astral Projection and the Nature of Reality’. has a small forum that will hopefully grow on the topic of astral projection and lucid dreaming. Check it out :smile:

I’ve also read ‘Astral Dynamics’, by Robert Bruce. That’s a very good book. His NEW energy ways are explained extremely well.

Thanks :smile:

Remote viewing!

It’s been awhile since I last trained myself. There are a couple of sites out there who allow you to get coordinates, work on them and check if you were close to the answer. I was good at it when I drew stuff without thinking but when I started to try to really do it, it kind of went downhill lol.

I’ve read Remote Viewing Secrets and Mindtrek by McMoneagle and didn’t find them very informative (although Mindtrek was much more enjoyable, if I remember correctly). I tend to think they’re more biographies than anything; the protocols are overcomplicated. Logical, since it was used by the army but still…

Astral Dynamics is the only book I own about out of body experience. I perform the NEW routine every night before bed and it rocks. ^^

What is remote viewing?

You basically guess what a ‘target’ (hidden object, place, etc) is using ‘coordinates’ as link.

Remote viewing is the ability to view people, places or objects at will, within the minds eye. This happens in real time and you are fully awake through out.

You don’t need any fore-knowledge of the area, person or object you wish to view. Some people experience RVing in real time (no senses other than visual) where as others see still images like a photograph.

No guessing is involved, you actually see it.

Also Check, try searching “Astral Projection” and “remote Viewing” in search there’s lots of results. RV or AP won’t find anything as there is a 3 character limit on searches.

Wow. Just thinking about this brings back a memory from when I was young. I remember picturing my mum coming back from Asda in the car down my street, I looked out the window and I saw the car coming down. I intially thought i could see the future, and attempted but failed, so i thought it was a fluke.

For more books about AP, check out Robert Monroe.

Also there is a book called Astral Projection by Oliver Fox which includes his experiences with lucid dreams (he calls them dreams of knowledge).

For RV Joe McMoneagle is a good writer. Russell Targ also has written extensively. These two writers were involved with US government projects on RV.

A really good book that I recomend is:

Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness - by Russell Targ

That was a nice one but way too short.