Remote Viewing from a Lucid Dream

Hi Everybody,

I was running amok on the web the other day and found some pages that might be of interest to you folks:

Basically they’re saying that they’ve had a lucid dreamer who was able to accurately describe (with a nice drawing) a place that the researchers randomly chose. Whether you believe it or not, it might be worth trying something similar in your own dreams…


I try doing it in some of my Oobes(lds i mean ,i use this term to differ ones that takes place in nearby locations,kind of real as opposite to lds out of this planet) and i doubt it.I mean its very unlikely that my fav neighbour is go go dancing on her table at 4 or 6 am:)

Yeah, she’s probably doing the Hustle:tongue:

I’ve never thought to try this from a lucid dream.

Usually I just RV while awake so I can note my experiences as they happen and don’t miss any detail.

I’m not great at them though. But next time I LD I will try and remember to RV, see how it differs.