Remote Viewing?

What is remote viewing.
On Wikipedia they say It is how to perform clarivoyence under controlled situations. I Thought Clairvoyence was impossible.
Any1 Know about Remote viewing.

Then Wiki is wrong.

Clairvoyance isn’t impossible. But remote viewing has nothing to do with it either.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things removed from space and time, such as events that happened years ago and for those that believe in such things, ghosts/spirit.

Remote Viewing is the ability to visualise events, people and places in a current time frame. ie: now. It is said that you can time travel with RVs though, so I guess that might push it into the Clairvoyance realm.

Thanks for that Mohegan.
Here is the link i found
whats really weird is that they have a wikibook on the subject.

Ive seen a few Discovery channel docos on Remote Viewing. It seems that the CIA and KGB were using remote viewing to spy on each others missile silos during the Cold War, with astounding accuracy. The project was officially shut down when the Cold War ended, but really, who would turn that kind of thing OFF once you had access to it?

hmm ive read remote viewing is done by the third eye (the 6th chakra) and its the ability to kind of move around while your still in one place, you can view area’s without being there and things like that.

Seems very weird
but like Alextanium said, why stop using it.
Sounds quite cool.

Sounds like another impossible thing to do.

thats what i thought but there are courses, books and websites on how to do it.

Anybody had result with it because it look like a very cool and interesting to do like Astral projection.

I heard you like to concentrate in your mind like meditation or astral projection .

Just remember that just because there is a book or a course about something, doesn’t make that subject valid. I hate to say it, but those courses and books are usually money-grabs. I got scammed like this once, only it was to do with astral projection, not remote viewing. I’d advise anyone to stay away from anything on subjects like these which you have to pay for to learn, or else you might get ripped off.

Anyway, on remote viewing, I’d be skeptical of any stories of the CIA and KGB using psychics with any real accuracy, after all if it worked, why stop? If it did work, it would be smart to keep using it. Besides, to my knowledge the CIA has never claimed to have used psychics, only psychics have claimed the CIA has used psychics.

thats true, although just because there are some money grabbers, doesnt mean that AP’ing becomes fake , theres many free tutorials ,websites, ebooks, and most ive read have worked for me

But the fact that there is no proof for AP means that AP is fake…

incorrect logic

Indeed. All it means is that there’s no proof (whether there is real proof or not, I don’t know).
It doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it just means it hasn’t been proven.

Yes, but I managed to perform remote viewing very precisely twice on the Gotpsi tests (on about 10 tries). :tongue: And I’m not talking about the percent results that they give you at the end according to your description and which are completely imprecise. I meant I drew precisely twice the image that I had to guess. :grin:

(And without any book to learn how to do, there are just two or three tips to know and this doesn’t require a book.)

What are those two or three tips?

Remote viewing using a co-ordinate system was developed by the military during the 70’s, and has been proven to be effective when one has been trained in it.

Unfortunately, I’ve lost the stuff I used to read about it, I kind of left the psychic community, so I can’t really prove that statement. I’ll look for it, If I find it I’ll post it.

well on this topic alot of ppl are a bit confused on what Remote Viewing is so:

From Wikipedia
Remote viewing (RV) is the purported ability to perform clairvoyance under controlled conditions.Remote viewing allows a viewer to use his or her intuitive abilities to gather information on a target consisting of an object, place, or person, etc., which is hidden from the physical perception of the viewer and typically separated from the viewer in space by some distance.

From Wikibooks
Remote viewing is the ability to project your consciousness upon a different plane. Usually the information transmitted is logical or pictoral data. There is no limit to the amount or variety of planes. The method of remote viewing developed by the military and intelligence agencies is there to project their consciousness upon the Physical Universe, to even gain information by looking at different coordinates

From Viking-z

Remote viewing is a new name for an old ability. Remote viewing is the ability of a person to project their conscious observation to a distant location to see or sense what is there. Distance is no object as even the stars are within reach. It was rediscovered and used by the Russians in the 1960s.

On how you do it There are many drills, things to do and ways to live. If You are interested go to
still is very confusing

Ok, so I was a decade off, although I understood that that date was for the American government, so who knows.

“Absence of proof is not proof of absence”

  • William Cowper