reoccouring dream places,objects,feelings

Something dreamhackers experimented and did to create dream map,may be interesting to see what places followed with (ambiental) feelings or objects were reoccouring in different dreams(ND s or LD s)from your first dream recall.I know most of you dream of same places most of the time,but allso that there are dreams that when you dream them feel like you have been there before,even if IRL you cant relate those places with any past dream…I mean maybe you were just passing by some old house being chased by some booboo creature not noticing that in some of your past dreams you were in that same house talking with friend or something…

I can recall some of those experiences and years have passed for some places to connect,maybe just a feeling but it is a strange tought.

The underground garage-place with lots of passages and rooms with wooden doors where i can see some interesting antiques,old basement junk.allways feeling fear of someone waiting for me there.similar to some dreams when entering caves in wood,(some childhood dreams)…

The seaside-being on a beach,or house near some beach,or marina ,i noticed that it is the same small town,old ,meditteranean near by.never had a dream that i visited all of the places,every dream one part,or marina(full of different boats),or being someware in town,or house ,or the beach.The beach is is long,and i had few dreams being far away down the coast with big cliffs, big sea with big waves
and scary big mountains on the other side.felt lost and small.

train and train station-allways big trains and weary big and crowded station,like it was from 1890s??? i noticed that there
are allways some workers repairing something around station.and when i dream of any train station they are someware around constructing something.I usualy dream of looking for someone or escaping from something in those dreams ,what seems logical (train-people-leaving-visiting)…

road leading to the hills-long road that continues to the hills (from my neighbourhood IRL).i allways have a feeling that i am going for a long trip,or leaving home for good.i found out trough the years that i dream of some places,like rocket lounch polligon,or roller coaster park,factory on that same road.and there is a nuclear test site i think?and yes ,as i remember it is allways sunny day.

There is more ,but i cannot recall right now.It would be grat to read your toughts and opinions if this post makes anny sence to you at all. And allso i just want to say that i havent found
a topic related to this one,if there allready is one,please show me!

Well, for me…

No, and no. Believe me, I would know if I’d dreamt of a place before, and I never dream of the same place twice. Places and scenery are always the easiest things for me to remember in a dream, and it just doesn’t happen (not to me, anyway). I don’t even dream of particularly similar places. They’re all very different!

For me it is a mix. Most of my dreams are of different places that I have never been to, or dreamd of befor.
Then I have dreams where I am somewhere that is somewhere that I know IRL, but it is different. Like I know that I am in the house where I lived when I was very young, but it has different rooms, or the living room is different. It can also be in a different place. One time I dreamed that I was in my parents house, but the house was one that had belonged to someone else, and my dad was pulling the house with a pickup truck like it was a trailer, but flying through the air and not on the road. ( Talk about missing dream signs :confused: )
Then I have dreams where I am at work, or with friends and everything is normal. Often they are so real that I have a little trouble remembering that it was a dream, and not something I did.

OK! I can understand that most of the dreams are in different
places,but what about the feeling,the ambience?just like Don said
that he dreamed of places from IRL but those places were different. he felt and knew that he is in his house from childhood( in a dream world).I would like you to try recall those feelings and places,i know there is allways something different and changed, but i think you can connect dream places even if there is just one part that seems similar to another dream.

Yes there are a few dream locations that show up that in the dream I ‘recognize’ but awake I have no idea.

One is a strange large circular building that is in a public open area. Another is a square restaurant.

What I find more haunting is people who appear in dreams that I feel like I’ve known for a long time, who in waking life I have no knowledge of! :eek:

yes, once i had a dream where i was in some restaurant in shoping center,far under ground.i entered the restaurant and saw some friends and say hi , then went to the bar and order a drink.
there were some jazz music in the background and and some hostess came to me and smile.I ask her :why are you smiling that way,and she says:like you dont remember.I ask her:what,what happend???She says :the last time you came you were so drunk,yelling,falling around the place etc…and she left…I think to myself:wtf happend,when…And remembered ,like flashbacks
after drinking night,what i did the last time i went to that restaurant,making fun of everyone and being unpolite…By the way IRL the restaurant does not exist.

I recall dreams about shoping is allways full of people and the enterance is long (made of pale red bricks),and has many stares.inside is more like amusement park,full of joy rides and multimedia art???susualy when i enter one of the rooms ,dream creates onother world.

And last few dreams i had,made me think about all dream places i dreamed before,and connected some of them.I remember dreaming parts of my neighbourhood.those are my most usual dreams.i remember different dreams in the same places from my hood.and i found that those places allways brings the same feeling to me,nevermind the situations. difference between dream and reality of places i dream is that in the dream ,places are bigger and roads can lead to the complete unknown worlds .
For some time now, one thing has been bothering me!!The feeling that there are some things and situations i can remember only when dreaming,important things that i forget when i wake up.and the feeling is only thing that i can recall.


Not most of the time, but as I started keeping my dream journal there are a couple of places that I dream about once or twice a week.
The ambient is never the same and it’s always something else happening in the dream but the places are constant…

last LD i had was stranger than many others i had ,and made me think about something…
As usualy i started a dream ( LD ) at my home .i was floating in park near building i live in. It was sunny day and after i commanded myself to see more clearly ,everything looked so beautifull and sharp ,more than IRL . SO i decided not to do all things i usualy do in a LD (flying ,creating objects or finding someone,or trying to prolong my awareness),i just wanted to observe and to remember how does my hood look like in a dream. Funny thing is that as much it seemed to look like IRL
i found that some objects are missing or, (and) some details (lamps, trees),are not in the same order.I also noticed that some places like bus station or road near to school were bigger.i had a feeling that ,when i tryed to look far in some directions,it seemed infinite and mystical .in fact everything looked so shiny and magical,that i started to feel some hidden meaning in everything like having psychedelic experience.I also felt fear of unknown ,and deepnes.That morning and rest of a day i had same feeling,and funny thing is when i went outside it was sunny and allmost same like in a dream,or maybe just an autosugestion.

Most places my dreams go to are already reasonably known (or at least I know what part of the world I’m in) actually drawing down the map and perhaps even adding where you experienced what, it might get the dream map idea so battered into your mind that you’ll find it easier to navigate.

i have places that i dream about that only exist in my dreams. i often find myself having a dream about these same places a second or third time, and in my dream recalling that i’d been there before. then when i wake up and recall my dream, i realize how strange it is… because i don’t think about these dreamplaces when i’m awake (in otehr words, i’m not visiting a place in my dreams that i’ve thought a lot about in waking life, i’m visiting a place that i only seem to remember when i’m dreaming!). It’s so weird, to have “dream memory” that is seperate from my waking memory.

yeah i know,and some DC people i know in a dream world , cannot connect or remember clearly IRL.

Few nights ago i had a ND wich i cannot remember,was nothing special,but few moments before waking up i heard my inner voice talking about what is about to happend in a dream and commenting with himself what to do…like it usualy is,the waking moment is confusing and not easy to remember clearly so i dont realy know how to explain it.But it is a strange tought that we are dream directors every night even if it is a normal dream.I mean i know that we are creating a dream,who else,but strange thing that i dont know is ,what part of our ego is awake during normal dream.