reoccuraningLD settings?

OK, I have long had LD’s, but I have a question that I don’t know the answer to. Very frequently, sometimes even once a night (apart from other LD’s that night), one of my LD takes place at my grandmother’s house, on my mom’s side, and all her relatives are involved. Is that normal?

Not normal at all…you must be some weirdo

hehe ofcourse I am kidding :smile:

Yes it is normal. It has happened to me too (similar thing)

This is good actually…because the more you see this place in your dreams the more you realise your dreaming,


nearly all my LD’s I’ve just woken up in bed. I’ve only had 3 where I’ve been elsewhere.

I had two LD’s with the setting of a white empty room.

i always have lds from false awakenings, but my room lookes different. there is stuff scattered on the floor, everything is messy, things are missing, things are added. But its like that in every ld, almost exactly the same each time… except my alarm clock used to work in lds, now my ld clock is broken

yes. I too have lots of dreams at your grandmothers house :wink:.

Nope, I haven’t had an LD… I don’t know that it’s that different from an ND, but plenty of my NDs seem to have recurring settings.

i always dream about sleeping in my brother’s room (which used to be my room) or frequently of being at either grandparents house.

it rarely triggers lucidity unless I wake up in another room and I’m like “hey, why am I here?”

the funny thing about that is I woke up into my room, for real, and I’m like, what, why am I here? I wasn’t sleeping here…then I did some RCs and realized the stupidity of what I just said… I was just so used to dreaming about sleeping in another bed for a few hours that it threw me off.

Yes, I have had some regular LD locations. It is perfectly normal. If you do not like the location you are in while lucid you can just change it.

99% of my lucid dreams start out in my bed. room looks exactly the same and the only things that gives it away as a dream is that something somehow feels different. i never have to do an RC i just know. All my WILDs start out in my bed. i don’t remember ever “waking up” anyplace but my bed in a dream. its strange because my first few LDs were not in my bed and then after that i think every single one has started out there. might have something to do with the place you envision yourself dreaming while you are thinking about dreams in RL (if there is one) or maybe the place you are when you think about dreams the most (in my case right b4 i go to sleep). maybe then whenever by chance you are in that setting in a dream you imediatly think about dreams and realize you are dreaming.

it might also have something to do with your mind being out of ideas for dreams so it just puts you in a random place you have been b4 hehe

I felt pretty close to an LD yesterday, was trying to WBTB / WILD for pretty much the first time. I had the HI & sounds etc, but it all slipped into a dream without me noticing, so I didn’t manage it. While I was slipping into it tho, it really felt like I was in a “different” room. Very similar to my own, but not quite the same. Felt more spacious somehow, even though my eyes were closed. heh. Then my dream might have started in my bed. Not sure - it might have jumped from my bed to the bus (which was where I really remember it starting). It was hard to tell what was a dream and what wasn’t.