Reoccuring cave dream...

I dream about this cave with alot of tunnels in it. Ive only been in it once in a dream, and all the other times Im walking to it with some friends, but I never get there. This dream allways comes with the feeling of mystery, its one of my favorite dreams. I would love to lucid in this dream.

ooh :cool: i get a similar dream now and then! it also contains an element of primal fear, it is like i know that i will see something in there that will change my life forever. I still am too scared to reach the bottom of it. I wonder if it is some kind of shared psychological image?

ps: i love your avatar :cool:

Kavaa, you could try telling yourself during the day that if you see a cave you’re dreaming and incorperate that into your intention when you go to sleep.

Re-occuring dreams really allow for a great lucidity opportunity.

Maybe your mind is trying to tell you something, and you have not seen it yet. It would explain why you keep having it.

But if you aren’t one for interpretations, I would most definately want to hear from you when you become lucid and see where the cave leads to.

hey i just had a dream about a cave with a tunnel last night! :cool_laugh:

It led to a lost palace, that looked like it was once very beautiful.

I hope you find what your cave leads to one day. :happy:

my cave was muddy and had lots of tunnels and shallow holes in the ground with random items like a pair of red and blue colored feathers in them. weird

I like caves, pity I don’t dream about them much. But corridors I do dream about, not a far cry fom caves, or mines.
I just wanna go in there with a torch and a sword, and fight goblins, devils, zombies and such. Find treasure. Ever since I played Oblivion. Or maybe go and find Bin Ladin.

Cave dreams are very powerful for me. I met my Spirit Guide, the Goddess, in a lucid dream inside of a cave. Caves and springs are traditionally associated with the Sacred Feminine.