Reoccuring place/haven/etc.

is it possible, once lucid, to construct a place that can be called upon anytime in any future dreams? like i mean, not just summon up some random house that changes every time or whatever. i mean actually build it room by room and have it be exactly the same (for the most part at least) when you want it. has anyone ever tried this?

I’ve actually thought about doing this ounce I get into a long, deep lucid dream.

i dont think so, because ive had reoccuring dreams in which i wanted to become lucid, and never do. i usualy become lucid in more mundane dreams. i would love to become lucid in a really cool place.

Yes, you can. Once you create it in your lucid dream, and really remember all the details, you can revisit it any time you want in other lucid dreams. In spiritual practices, it’s called a dream temple.

The more times you visit it and reinforce your memories of what it looks like, the more it will become “solid” and unchanging. Soon it will become a permanent place in your dream world.

WritersCube’s log details his creating anchored dreamscapes. If something like that can happen naturally with random ND’s – for example, people having recurring nightmares set in a place with high emotional impact in waking life-- then it’s not much of a stretch that an LD’er would make it work.

I would guess it depends on SC’s plasticity. For some reason, pondering the consistency of a certain dreamscape leads me to think of some koan I read before about whether re-lighting a candle means it’s the same fire or not. :wink:

Although I didn’t build my dreamscape, it has been consistent. I don’t go there every LD, but every time I have gone there, it’s been the same. I just explore more and more of it.
On that note, I think it’s definitely possible to build a place like this.

It has to do with expectations. The better you know the place, the more unchangable it will be because you expect it to be a certain way. That’s why if you dream of your house, it is like your house, the room are the same and such. Ofcourse, the contents of the house is more shifty. If you build a house, you simply have to get to know it very well. If you contruct the image of the house in your head and know it through and through, you can have it in your next lucid dream because you know what it is supposed to be like. If you have it in your head already, all you have to do is find it in the dream. If you only have a vague idea of it, it will probably be shifty in the dream.

It’s the entire concept behind Paradiso :wink: