reocurring dream

this is a dream that i had quite freaquently between the ages of 5-7 then once when i was 12 and recently at 13.i am on a mountain cliff holding hands with my dad, looking down, its like 1000 feet down to the bottom.then we jump, with no real fear,we just jump.then we land in a woods and the sequence ends. this dream has the look of a cartoon and every time i have it im at age 5 in the dream i even feel the pain as i land ,but we never are harmed i just wondered what u think about this dream and if u have any ideas about what it means :shy: :tongue: :alien: :cool_laugh: :grin: :cool: :shy: :shy: :shy: :tongue: :alien: :alien:

I’ve heard of a certain tradition some primordial humans had where they had women jump off if they were unable to bear children…I think I’ve read this somewhere…ok I have no idea but maybe you could try and dig up some information on old civilizations and whatever rituals they performed, and maybe it’ll help you in some way.