Repressed Desires

Last weekend I went to the state level compitition for nctc. I feel that we had one of the best plays, and one of the worst plays won. Will Ferrell handed out the award for best play and runner up. I was really upset and disappointed, and I didn’t care about Will Farrell’s appearence. Or so I thought. I had a dream that night that he was walking down a hallway at me, to get to the elevator behind me. I had to take pictures of him. It was needed for my very existance. Everything was black and white.
I’ve never dreamt in b&w before, and I don’t particularly like or dislike Will Ferrell (besides the more cowbell skit. Loved it.), so I was confused. I guess it was because I was angry at the winning play, which was making fun of real plays the entire time. It was a joke. They got on the news with a celebrity with shirts that read as such: “PLAYS SUCK”. Strange experience. My question: why?

Why what?

I’ve never had a dream anything like that at all. Why did every single characteristic of my dreams change for that one, and then go back to normal. Sorry for the unclear question.

I don’t know why they changed. But it’s clear to me that the dream character, Will Farrell, was there not just b/c you like or dislike him but b/c he represented the prize or award of the competition itself.

I’m sure the play you were in was very good and I’m sure it didn’t go unnoticed. Unfortunately, for that competition it didn’t win. It doesn’t mean that what your play lost. It means it wasn’t selected. It was considered. Perhaps in a different competition with different judges it would have won.

You have to remember that Will Farrell is known for his odd sense of comedy. The way he just plays out roles that looks as if he’s totally serious but is in a sense making fun of them. So in a sense, the play that won was mimicking his style.