Requiring Assistance: Non-Lucid Crisis

My problem is that my dreams are all dull and lifeless. I find my dreams are hazy upon looking back, perhaps somewhat tunneled, and usually I only remember the visual aspects and nothing from the other senses, especially the fact that there is rarely any audio. I only remember one dream in 2 months that had audio and it was specifically one sentence.


If not, how can I improve on the state of my dreams. My recall is anywhere from 1 -4 dreams a night, and I can describe maybe around a paragraph of detail for each.

Here is an excerpt from my journal: Watching a character like jumper as he finds his power and gets followed after using it. They call them smokers in the dream because of the trail they leave when teleporting. In a mall a fellow smoker gets shot by an assasin using a shotgun disguised as a tranquilizer gun. A group of robotic automated mannequins conceal his escape from the mall.

In this particular dream, yes, I remember some details, but the dream in my mind is very blurred and the quality was almost somewhat deteriorated by the time I wrote it down. I atrribute that to the eraser our minds all carry, but I guess I’m trying to get a feel of how vivid other peoples non-lucid dreams are, and if this will impede my advance towards lucid dreams. Any help would be much appreciated.

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how soon upon awakening do you make notes about your dream recall? The longer you leave it the harder it will become to retrieve the details.
It may help if you make a point of paying more attention to your other senses during your normal day to day life, so this focus will transfer to your dreamworld.
Rest assured that no matter how you experience NDs, as soon as you become lucid there are methods to increase the vividness of the dream. Commands work really well.

People experience different levels of vividness in their normal dreams and imo it doesn’t create a barrier to LDing … infact the hazy dream feeling may help to alert you that it is a dream :content:

Oh, my dreams are very similar to this. There’s rarely anything outside of sight in my dreams, and when there is notable sound, it’s because someone is telling me something crucial to the dream’s story. If you want to improve your recall and you’re remembering 1-4 dreams a night, go into great detail. Try and remember every little thing you can about things like what someone was waring (trust me, once you recall the slightest detail of their clothing, you’ll find it very odd most of the time) or better still try to remember your surroundings, like if there’s a fountain near you, or what the floor is made of, or anything that you wouldn’t give a second thought to in every day life.
Beyond that, as for hearing any sound at all, it’s very very rare for me to hear anything notable so I don’t think I can help you there. But if it’s any encouragement, when I do hear something outside story conversation, it’s usually amazing. :content:

Thanks Moogle. I’m going to try not moving at all after I wake from a dream, to remember first and write second. Not the other way around. Now this may help the other senses aspect, as if maybe they’re there already, but I just miss them through not focusing and scrammbling to write the dream content down instead.

So just to reiterate for a moment, what you are saying is that when you write in your dream journal, you are noting sounds and dialogue? On that note, do you also log tastes and touch and smells? Or are those senses only found in lucid dreams?

Interesting Stricken,

 Thank you very much for that post. I always thought that was a strange occurence that I could remember my dreams but yet, rarely any audio. That was another great reply and I am definately going to try to focus on detail which I always have trouble with. I'll figure something out, but I'll try by not generalizing the dream upon awakening and instead, focus on the particular things in the dreamsight to see if I can get better detail.

My normal dreams are primary visual and sensual. Then sound comes next. Aroma is rarely noticed and I hardly ever taste anything in dreams.

With recall, I don’t put absolutely everything in my dream posts … but just reading them back will bring back all the feelings, sensations etc.

Mine is similar to Moogle’s, except that I have backing music in my dreams. Last night (if any of you have played LoZ:Ocarina of Time) I heard the “Boss Battle” theme tune in the background.
Fittingly enough, I was battling someone. Who morphed into a paper plane.

Now that I remember it, I remember feeling the fur on a dog that I had in that dream (I WANT THAT DOG! It was big, cream-white and had medium-length fur, slightly wavy. IDK what breed, but I can remember it vividly). I also felt the tearing of the paper-plane guy. He was about eight sheets thick. (I thought “Hey, a good weakness!”)
How’s that for DR?

PS. I have had a similar dream before, but without the dog. In this latest one, I felt really guilty at one point - I ran (with dog running beside me) straight through a “trap” door - a door that I couldn’t remember had a 3-floor drop right under it, while on the right was the stairs. :sad:

I have the same situation. My dream recall can go anywhere from 0 to 4 per night, But I never have any dreams vivid enough. Never. They all have video, and Sound only once. Tact can come in sometimes, but it’s very scarce. About taste, I have never eaten in a dream, and about smell… I hardly ever smell anything while awake. Why aren’t my dreams vivid…?