I know they say to wake up after 5-6 hours to do the WILD, but normally i only get about 6 hours a night of sleep. on school nights i hardly remember dreaming, and thats when i sleep abuot 7 hours. ok, so for 5 nights i sleep 6 hours, and on weekends I sleep 9-12 hours. I do my WILD on weekends, so I should wake up after how many hours? thanks, Ben

To be honest, you’re not going to remember too many dreams if you only get 6 hours sleep. You also have practically no chance of having a LD, so it looks like weekends are your only real possibility.

It’s preferable to try WILD after about 6 hours, as you said. This is enough sleep to make sure you’re going to enter straight into a dream, and it’s not so much that you simply can’t get back to sleep. Given your lack of sleep during the week however, it may be worthwhile leaving it a little longer. It’s up to you.

If you’re usually tired during school try making a habbit of going to sleep earlier. You’ll sleep longer, and wake up about 1-2 hours just before school and do a WILD then. You’ll find it easy to go back to sleep since no one likes getting up for school or work, and you’ll have plenty of sleep.
good luck