I got interested in lucid dreaming around new year. i then just got to busy to really do much with it. Now I’m less busy and want to start again. I still did reality checks during my off period but I wasn’t really into it. My question is, what is a good time in waking life to do an RC? I usually do them just whenever I think of it, but if I do one whenever I see or do something it should help. Any ideas?

All times you remember.
Do one now. And again. Everytime you think of it do one. You may forget one day to do any, but the next might do hundreds. If you see something wierd and it makes you think of doing an rc then do one. As soon as possible.

What I mean is, what times besides whenever I think of it. Something that is common enough for me to see it in my dreams and have it trigger. I’m thinking maybe stairs.

A good one is to do a RC every time you see a clock. Digital ones usually will be scrambled and hand clocks won’t show the same time. If your not a person who checks the time quite often then associating it with something, like the stairs you suggested, could possibly work. What ever is a common item/even in your dreams you could try associating with an RC IRL. Ive been doing RCs for about a month with no success, but I’m staying optimistic.

The basic idea would be, try to doubt your surroundings at any moment,you never know when it might be a dream. Keep observing, looking for dreamsigns, keeping a general awareness of what happens around you, look at what happens on the tail of the eye too. Then, when you think you could be in a dream, do an RC. But even if it succeeds (IE. you’re still awake), keep observing, you may never know when you have really fallen asleep :wink:

You should scan your dreams for common objects. My dreams are usually about scary school tests, some people dream about work, the house they no longer live in, their pets. So I suggest creating a habit to do a RC whenever you see that object IRL (and in dreams of course :content: ) Also it helps to do a RC when you wake up, because often Lucid Dreamers experience FA.

Like tosxy… I mean foxyChor said, the important thing is to always question whether you’re in a dream, even if you’re sure you are not. I’ve had many RCILD’s where I was honestly surprised by the fact that I was dreaming.

Now, if you did need something to help you remember RC’s, try to do one every time you walk through a door. You do that many times in one day, and are pretty likely to do it in a dream. My RC of choice is the nose RC because I can do it without looking like a idiot sticking a finger through my hand and it’s very reliable.

Doing one RC will get you thinking about dreaming and RC’s. The more you think about it, the more RC’s you should do. After all, couldn’t that first RC just be a false memory? If I were you, I would check again just to make sure…

Thank you. This makes a lot of sense with my limited experience. My only LD I really remember was not only initiated by the nose RC, but was ended quickly by a FA. I’ll see if I can notice any common dream signs to use.