restricted access settings

Some sections are now ‘members only’ - that means guests cannot read the messages in there. They still see the forums are there but cannot enter them.

these sections:
Dream Diary
Fruits of Lucidity
Lucidity Centerstage
Lucid Lab
Theory of Lucidity

two reasons:

  • you now have a place where you know you don’t share something with the entire world but only with the ld4all community
  • becoming a member is now more rewarding.

So, if you are a guest and reading this, join the community :content:


Yes, join!!!

So which sections exactly are off bounds to guests?

I wouldn’t close of lucidity intro or quest for lucidity. (And obviously the help section) This may cause a lack of encouragment for joinig the forum.

Guests can still read the three sections you mentioned Techno…pasQuale listed the sections that are now member only.

Good way to increase incentive to join. :grin:

Dream Diary < good idea to make that one members only

yes, this is a good idea! Although it does require that I sign in and not just read the posts… Ah, Lazyness is a thing of the past :wink:

good job Q!

reason #3 … maybe you won’t have to read the same questions 985 times in those forums!

Great, Pasquale! I like the change… I’m always logged in anyway.