Retainers --> Lucidity

I got this idea right after reading the T.O.Y.E. method. It’s the
Notice Your Retainers method. Obviously for this method to work you have to be out of braces and have retainers to wear. I was thinking, if you only wear them at night, your mouth won’t be so used to it and might feel different, maybe crammed(did for me when I used to wear them).

  1. Make reality checks through the day by running your tounge over your teeth and feeling the smooth insides of your mouth. Think “there is nothing in my mouth, therefore I am not dreaming”.

  2. Wear your retainers at night. Have an uncomfortable contraption in your mouth.

  3. Be in a dream and feel a retainer, or something weird in your mouth and realize you’re dreaming.

I know your tounge should be in paralysis, and therefore unable to feel the retainers, but I think with all the swallowing and stuff in sleep your mouth will be moving enough to notice the retainers in dream. Also, I was looking through my dream journal from a couple years ago, and a dreamsign of my retainers bothering me. Like trying to eat something and taking them out first, but they are still there when eating… things like that. I only wore them at night, and I don’t anymore, so I can’t really test this out anymore. Hope it might help somebody.

Not bad of an idead, i actually dream about it all the time, but i never think of using it as a dreamsign, just becuase im so lost in my dream anyways. When i have those dreams my teeth feel all weird afterwards. I need to work on dreamsigns and other tests :cry:

Good idea though :shy:

I could try this. I don’t have a retainer, but I have something similar for some jaw problems. Mostly when I wear it I find if really hard to get to sleep though.

I actually thought of doing something like that before. I don’t know if it’d be really reliable, but it’s worth a shot. And for a before and after shot of my jaw problems and braces and all that, check the gathering -> pics thread :smile: Cheers.

wow thats a pretty good method to try. Unfortunately i have no retainers braces etc…

i have braces when i get then taken off and replaced with a retainer i’ll try this

It’s funny you mention this. Two nights ago when I wanted to try to start lucid dreaming again I realized I hadn’t worn my retained for a few days since I got back from a road trip. So I was kind of like ‘crap this better not mess anything up’ and went to bed with it in. That night I had a short lucid dream. So maybe you’re on to something.