Returning back to Lucid Dreaming but having problems.......

Hi this is my first time posting my name is Anil.

The first time i tried lucid dreaming i was getting no where quickly, but after a month break i tried different approaches (Cd’s and different techniques) and was eventually able to have a LD. I’ve had maybe 6 or 7 all together.

It’s been almost a year now (well 9 months to be exact) and i have been reading many articles about the benefits of meditation towards lucid dreaming with the general idea of raising your awareness to help achieve successful reality checks or general lucidness inside of ones dreams.

During the 9 months time i havn’t attempted much LDing at all because of school mainly…but i found this really good meditation mp3 and i want to listen to it atleast everyday, but the constant noise in my house is very distracting and it seems i can never get a moment’s peace to myself.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me is it still useful to listen to meditation cd’s literally half an hour before you go to sleep??? Also im wondering how can i overcome this main problem where i feel that i really want and have to do the meditation otherwise i wont be as successful at LDing (even though i have LD’d without meditiation cds)

Sorry for the long read…but everytime i come on this forum i feel like i really want to get back in the flow of LDing or atleast remembering my dreams.

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Your meditation .mp3 is only useful if it’s what you want to do. There are a lot of techniques out there to become lucid that do not involve listening to any .mp3s or performing any kind of meditation. If anything, the meditation bit should only be considered as a relaxation method that you carry out prior to another technique (which, this isn’t necessary to become lucid at all). All techniques may differ in procedures, but remember, their end result is exactly the same: to become lucid. Don’t hesitate to persue other methods. You just might find one that fits you perfectly. :content: