Returning to LDing + an obstacle?

Hey guys :grin: I doubt you guys remember me, but I’m back for the time being.
I took a long break from Lucid Dreaming because my life was quite hectic, and only recently have I had the urge to go back. The past 3 months, I could not remember a single dream. About 3 days ago, I put my mind to it, and have had more dreams I remembered than I have had for those 3 months.
This is a good indicator that attidude is a big part of remembering dreaming. Although none were lucid, each one came closer; so I am hopeful.

I do have some concerns. My dreams have been quite intense; especially the emotions. I wont go into specifics, but I was slightly overwhelmed on the emotional level. It wasn’t the dream itself, but maybe my associations to it. As I have had a great deal of anxiety lately, it might be reflecting on my dreams.
The most memorable instance was actually having a panic attack(!) in my dream. There was nothing in the dream to warrant one, it was progressing quite calmly. I was doing routine things, but I found it difficult to breathe and I felt this tightness in the pit of my stomach. Hmm… I seem to be rambling. Anyway, its good to be back! :grin:


P.S. I could read just fine in dream. =/

Absolutely. I noticed this myself when I took a short break just recently, and decided to get back into it. You really have to be actively trying to recall something.

Anyway, welcome back, and good luck in your quest for lucidity. :smile:

There are no gaurantees with reality checks. There’s nothing that works for everybody, and probably nobody that works with everything! (That sounded wierd on purpose :tongue: )

If you haven’t been here for a long time (I don’t know, sorry) you may not have visited this page:

You can always get to it by clicking on the second link in my signature. Check out the thread about it in the lucid loung for more info.

Ah, thanks for the useful link.

In regards to the reading thing, I know ^_^, it used to work though.

Yes attitude does play a major part in succesful LDing.

ANother one of thebig things that hepled me is when I stopped thinking of lucid dreaming being a HARD state to acheive. If you think of it as something nice and acheivable then it becomes significantly easier because dreaming is a mental thing