Reverse speech of DC

I have an idea expirament… Lets take some of the nonsence things our DCs say, write it down, and record it on the computer, and play it backwards. You might have to slow it down to understand it better. Let me know what you get. If you can somehow do it… Post both forward, and backwards on here. This might be very entersting

I’m sure that if you record and listen to enough phrases, that you’ll think you hear something that makes sense, but in the end it’s all just auditory pareidolia in my opinion. I’ve followed a couple of forum experiments of people recording ‘ghost’ sounds in their houses, playing things backwards, recording noise on the radio. But each time (as long people weren’t told what they were supposed to hear) they all heard something different. Also there were skeptics that simply used random noise generators (without telling) to fool them and still people believed that they heard phrases in the recordings.

Reverse speech only “works” with the right context and speaker. There wouldn’t be the same sounds in the reversed speech if you compared the speech of you and your DCs. So really, I don’t believe it would work.

Oh, Kava. I think you would get results, but they would be totally subjective. You would hear only what you want to hear.

It’s human nature to look for familiar patterns, like faces, in nature.

You won’t find any ‘secret messages’ in your recordings, so it all sounds like a waste of time, in my opinion.

Interesting idea, though, I guess.


How can you be sure what Dc’s said to you?

i cant ever remember their words sorry :sad: