Reverse WILD

I was reading the WILD FAQ and I read a paragraph in it

Okay, I remember a dream I had, in which I was looking at a [Mac] computer through a door, although the orintation was messed up, as if I was viewing it lying on a table, with a viewpoint of lying on the floor next to the table.

The door faded and everything but the Mac stayed there. The mac got clearer, and the rest of my room faded in. The room was then shrinking into a bright circle surrounded by black, and then I heard a loud pop (like a fuse going out) above my head, where an electrical box was. Then, I was wide awake. I jumped out of bed and checked the box, of which there was nothing wrong with.

I think that the pop was a REM transitional sound, and the circle shrinking was like the oposite of what the WILD FAQ said would happen before dream entry.

I might of stayed conscious during the wake up process, like a reverse WILD.

Tends to happen when one wakes up, the images have to fade somehow, and that was one of many ways it can :tongue:
About becoming conscious, it’s a common occurrence during wakeup, as you are approaching a more “awake” mindstate.

Any time your start to have this feeling of reverse WILD, start rubbing your hands. Spin, fall backwards, roll around on the ground; do anything that keeps your feeling of touch active in the dream. If you have enough time to notice these effects then you have enough time to save the dream :content: .

There’s also a chance this could result in a false awakening. Keep at rubbing your hands, even if you are sure you’re rubbing your real ones. Also, do an RC the second you think you are awake. If you were good about keeping your senses active, there’s a good 40-60% chance you’re still dreaming.