"Rewind": am I lucid dreaming?

For the past couple of years, I have been attempting unsuccessfully to lucid dream. In the past year or so, though, something has begun to happen that makes me wonder whether I am making progress.

Sometimes, when I have a dream that reaches an unfavourable conclusion - for example, if some friends and I are looking for a bag to contain a large quantity of money, but someone runs off with it and we can’t catch him - things will “rewind” and go back to a certain point, from which they proceed differently from the previous run, sometimes with different people involved. When this happens, I am aware I’m being given a second try, but I don’t seem to have any control over what goes on; it’s more like getting to roll the dice again.

So, the big question: is this lucid? Is there a way I can develop it? And so on.

Welcome Illumine! :wave:
I used to have those dreams all the time, it is akin to when you skim over a situation over and over again while awake to find a proper solution.

On occasion I would get lucid from such reruns, but it doesn’t take anything different from what you do to achieve lucidity in ordinary dreams IMHO. You just do that :tongue: and learn to recognize your dreamsigns. Remember to check if it’s a dream whenever you think about things twice or more :wink: and good luck! :content:

Like Tosxy said, it would be a good idea to learn to recognize this desire to rewind to a certain point and try again. If you already know on some level that you’re reliving the same dream, you can use that to achieve a higher degree of lucidity.

I’ve had these dreams myself, although it was a pretty long time ago. I think I actually stopped having them once I got started on lucid dreaming. But instead of rewinding, I would just jump back into the dream to the exact moment where I wanted to do things differently. Although I don’t think I was very aware of the dream state at that time, as I had not yet learned what lucid dreaming was.

No, that’s not lucid dreaming. It’s what I call “daydreaming asleep.”

The line between that and ordinary dreaming would be so blurred, it’s not even worth mentioning.

Thank you for the welcome, and for the clarification.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure that I really thought it was lucid, since as I said, I have pretty much no real control over whether it happens or not. Since it’s happening at all, though, I felt like it might be a start, you know?

I’m starting to make some progress in any case, I think; I’ve been using C-WILD and that allows me at least to recall my dreams well enough that I can write them down.

Dreams are in a way your thoughts (that have taken on a more encompassing form at night), so basically you have as much control on your dreams as you have control on your thoughts.

It’s definitely a start :content: and the fact you are developing DR is very positive. I’d suggest reading this guide to start your Quest by the way ^^ Good luck! :wink: