Rewiring the Brain

Ok, so here is a concept that I have thought a lot about recently. So while in a lucid dream, it is apparent that the world you are exploring is the confines of your own subconscious. So you are basically walking in the motherboard of what makes you, you. Am I correct? If so, could you “rewire” the parts about yourself that you don’t necessarily like all that much?

To this day we do not have a theory which can with certainty said what dreams exactly are and what they do for us. Many theories yes, accepted theories - yes, but they all are right and wrong on some parts.

So actually going for this rewiring the brain could be possible in one theory not possible in another and so on and on. You can try and see for yourself.

Give us example which parts would you rewire…


Last year I have decided to try different keyboard layouts (non qwerty).

After struggling at first, I actually felt that the brain rewiring that it forced could have given me recall advantages. I have [inconclusive] evidences that changing the layout and other stuff that you are used to in order to “get out of the comfort zone” really helps that rewiring process so your brain becomes more used to that and that improves recall.

My comment on this topic:

Actually I feel like if you try to force the rewiring, it would cause the opposite by antagonism. If you want to forget something, just by thinking on what you want to forget, it would actually cause the opposite effect. There are some lucidity techniques based on the antagonistic idea as well.

Being in a lucid dream doesn’t mean you have privileges to change your brain structure. I cannot prove the opposite, but that seems to be against the hypnosis scales. The hypnosis level you are talking about is below conscious mind. I suggest searching about “hypnosis levels/scales”. Perhaps you can achieve that by hypnosis or some other treatment.

I know some people would complain about my point of view, but I don’t see LDing as something so powerful like that. It is powerful, yes, but not like powers to “reset your brain”.

I’d say that would be as effective as hypnotic therapy if you do it right.

But it’s still self-hypnosis, so it might not be as effective.

My advice: go for it, try it out, see what you can find from it. If you have curiosity as to whether it might be possible, then go ahead and satisfy that thirst for knowledge. Many times it is much better to validate oneself’s initial inquiring than to wait for other people to prove or disprove a particular theory (or theories).

when I first read the title of this thread, i thought of lots of multi coloured wires with names of habits and beliefs on, and having a bunch of new wires handy, with new habits and beliefs on, and in a dream,pulling out the not so good ones and plugging in the new ones into the correct sockets by a qualified dream electrician and the bomb disposal squad (because i wouldn’t trust myself with wires, though i can change a plug and a lightbulb :smile: )

Please try it and post your findings! :wiske:

and happy rewire!